About Us - The LoveIt Vision

At the heart of the LoveIt vision is the desire for every woman to feel that wonderful glow of confidence that comes from knowing she looks beautiful, no matter what her age, size, skin/hair color or body shape.

Whether you are plus-size, petite, curvy or straight, every woman can look and feel beautiful by following three easy steps

About Us - The LoveIt Journey

The inspiration for LoveIt started with my experience as a consumer. I’m a petite curvy woman and for most of my life I found it difficult to find styles that suited my body shape and proportions and I also disliked the trend towards chain stores. I remember with great fondness those days when you could go on a shopping trip to a foreign city and come back with something that was unique and special that no one else had. Now with the evolution of international chain stores everything is available everywhere even in the luxury end of the market. There is nothing worse for most women than walking out the door knowing you look great only to walk into a room where someone else has the exact same look

Pretty Woman 

When I left the corporate world in Australia to move to Hong Kong I wanted to create a unique retail concept that was something special. I wanted to create a haven for women who don’t like shopping because they can’t find the right stores with the right merchandise to suit their body shape and I wanted to create a sales experience that makes every woman that comes to us feel like Julia Roberts did in that iconic scene in Pretty Woman….Special. We all long to feel special. At LoveIt, we believe every woman, no matter what her shape, size, age or background has a right to feel and be treated as special and to be treated with respect, gentle honesty and candor

Ethical Selling

So one of the foundation principals of LoveIt from the start was ‘ethical selling’. We would actively discourage someone from buying a dress that didn’t suit them. In the early days we were a ‘by appointment’ business and we made it extremely difficult for women to find us. You really had to know someone who had been to us to get an appointment. Our ‘ethical selling’ approach was what drove our reputation and it was in part what brought us to the attention of then South China Morning Post Fashion Editor in 2009

It was from this ethical selling base that we developed the LoveIt Styling model that is at the heart of our business now

From Sourcing Edgy International Designers…..

When I first started LoveIt my whole focus was on sourcing from edgy international boutique designers. As a word of mouth business from the beginning we had to ensure that we had enough variety in our boutique so that our customers wouldn’t all run into each other wearing the same styles. This was a challenge because we were small, cash flow was tight and international designers, even the small ones, want you to buy 10 pieces in each style. We just couldn’t afford to do that. And we couldn’t ask our very small customer base to all wear the same style

The other challenge we faced was that as our reputation grew and our customer base increased we couldn’t find enough variety (that belonged to the current decade) on the international market for women who were curvy and/or plus size

In smaller sizes I found that most designers focus on women with few curves and no hips. So as a USA Size 4 with hips, boobs and a curvy bottom, I couldn’t find many pieces to suit even my own shape. The problem increased in larger sizes because most design houses simply ‘grade’ their styles up for larger sizes. So even if the style was broadly correct for a body shape the proportions were often wrong in the larger sizes. Sure, there were plenty of styles available, but the plus size market has been so dowdy for so long.  There are images of ill-fitting collections on plus-size models everywhere to illustrate this issue. Just because you are plus-size doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy and old fashioned. We wanted our plus size customers to look and feel beautiful and contemporary and the selection was really limited

With our passion for ‘ethical selling’ we ended up with a group of routinely disappointed customers that we turned away empty handed because we just didn’t have styles that suited their body shape and/or size.

The Inspiration for the LoveIt Collections and the LoveIt Styling Model

Facing a choice of disappointed customers I had to make a decision to either close the business or find a way to close the gap in the market. Knowing nothing about the clothing design business, the latter path was somewhat terrifying but also exciting…and that’s the path that I chose

What Makes LoveIt Unique Today

When we hired a designer to work with us on developing styles for different body shapes and sizes we had to be able to explain to her what we were looking for. With a ready base of dissatisfied customers we had the perfect blend of design talent and we had plenty of obliging customers to work with

As the primary sales person, I became an expert in what changes needed to be made to a style to have the perfect fit on a particular shape in a particular size. Instead of just using one fit model, we had access to as many as we liked. We experimented with fit and color and the technical knowledge our sales team acquired soon eclipsed what most stylist or image consultants have simply because we had every conceivable body shape and body proportion to play with on a daily basis and we could see the immediate visual impact of tweaking a design element

At LoveIt today our design team is located in our flagship Boutique right along with our LoveIt Styling team and customers visiting our Boutique will often find themselves engrossed in a conversation that is all about enhancing, perfecting and creating the next amazing garment. We include our customers in as many aspects of the production process as they wish to be involved in. Some customers become our fit models while others sneak out of their office to either watch or participate in a live photo shoot…and yes, you guessed it, even our photo shoots take place in our 2000 square foot flagship boutique located in Central Hong Kong

About Catherine Marstch – LoveIt Founder and Head Stylist

The LoveIt Styling Experience has its foundation in respect and empathy for the journey that a woman goes through in life. No body shape is perfectly proportioned to begin with, then we age, some of us have babies, we have busy jobs, drink and eat too much, don’t get to the gym as often as we would like and we work too hard as mothers, sisters, wives and employees. But we still have the desire to look and feel beautiful

LoveIt’s Personal Styling Model is My Great Passion

While I love the creative design aspect of developing LoveIt collections my great passion lies in working with women who want to look beautiful but find this goal eludes them. There is nothing that I love more than working with a woman for 90 minutes and seeing her “fall in love” with herself….sometimes for the first time in her life. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world. It’s what gets me leaping out of bed every day. I’ve seen it hundreds of times, perhaps more and I never tire of it.It gives me and the whole LoveIt team the inspiration for every detail of the LoveIt product design process and every aspect of the LoveIt Styling Experience

There is nothing like a compliment. There is an immediate release of 'feel great' endorphins. We glow from the inside out

Catherine Martsch - LoveIt Founder and Head Stylist

Like many woman, I have my fat and thin days, and at 5’2 every pound lost or gained on my butt is noticeable. For many years of my adult life I’ve found it difficult to find clothes that really looked fabulous on my petite curvy body shape but I’ve experienced sales women who would tell me that I look like a model out of a magazine anyway and I made the purchase even though neither of us believed it. I’ve had years of experience buying dresses that worn once sit next to all the other dresses, never to see the light of day again. At 46 I also know what it feels like to have a body that is not 26. In my pre LoveIt days I worked as a banking executive and I travelled extensively so I know the demands placed on busy women who try and fit in 100 things in a day and want to look beautiful at the same time. Looking good can feel like a full time job that few of us have time for even if we have good genes


I also know how it feels to get it right. It was Mark Twain that said “I can live for two months on a good compliment” and I truly believe this to be true. Knowing we look good can give us real confidence and the LoveIt Styling Experience has been designed with this in mind.

I work with many women who suffer from lack of confidence and/or poor self-esteem because they hate some aspect of their body or feel they lucked out in the gene pool department. I can empathize with this because in my 20s and early 30s I had my fair share of negative feedback about my clothing choices. I’ve had close friends and ex-boyfriends give me feedback ranging from the clothes I wore were too mature for me, made me look too fat, too frumpy all the way through to too being too revealing and too sexy. Having learnt so much over the years about the technical aspects of body shape and proportion and the influence that even a small aspect of design can have on the total look and feel on a specific body shape I know now that the feedback I received then was dead accurate. Now I know exactly what colors and styles suit me and I know exactly what look defines who I am as a unique person in the world and I often receive many compliments a day from women and men of all ages. Beauty is definitely not age related it’s primarily about confidence

3 Steps to 10 Compliments a Day

I’ve learnt that you can’t look great without following some basic steps:


  1. First, you need to define how you want others (and yourself) to describe your look. This definition is what gives us our individuality and makes us special and unique as human beings
  2. Then we need to understand the basic elements of our body shape and more importantly our proportions and how to dress them to achieve our desired outcome
  3. And finally, we need to understand what colors make our eyes shine and our skin glow and use those to our advantage

The whole 90 minute LoveIt Styling Service is designed to guide women through this process. At the LoveIt Styling Studio, which is housed in the LoveIt Flagship Boutique we have the benefit of being able to show women the impact that different aspects of style have on the look they want to achieve. When a woman comes for a LoveIt Styling session they will often try on 20 – 50 styles depending on what is available in store. And it’s not just about the dress, we check bra shape, shoe shape and a whole bunch of other items that impact the way a woman looks. The smallest things, like adjusting a bra strap by a few centimeters, can make a really big difference to the appearance of a women’s posture

Making Styling Accessible and Affordable

My belief in the benefits that women can obtain from the 3 steps above is so strong that we offer our core 90 minute LoveIt Styling Session as a free service when customers come to our LoveIt Styling Studio. Learning how to look beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive. You can own 3 dresses and as long as they are the right three dresses for you, you can rotate them daily and you will still receive compliments and feel beautiful every time you wear them

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