An Effortless 10/10 - The Rules
  • Do you love the body you’ve got or wish you were thinner, taller, more attractive?
  • Do you feel your body or style is not what it used to be?
  • Do you hate your arms, hips, tummy, boobs, butt, thighs, shoulders or calf muscles?
  • Do you wish you had more confidence when you walk into a room?
  • Do others around you notice you or do you feel invisible?
  • Do you walk out your door every day brimming with confidence?
  • Do you receive compliments on a regular basis?
  • When you look in the mirror do you give yourself a 10/10?

We Are All Different

'An Effortless 10/10TM' is an online resource for women of all ages, nationalities and sizes who want to explore the ‘self-help’ approach to developing confidence in their appearance without wading through the 262,000,000 google search results on the topic “how to be beautiful”. It's designed for women who look in the mirror and see 2 or 5 instead of 10/10. It's about loving and working with the body you have rather than wishing that you had on-tap access to air brushing. It's about having a closet full of clothes that love your body shape and features so that you can enjoy an endless stream of compliments. It's about looking in the mirror and giving yourself a well deserved 10/10. Having worked with thousands of women over the past 8 years we have summarized all we have learned into 'Five Rules' that are easy to understand, simple to follow and don’t require more than five minutes in front of the mirror each day.

You will find this resource useful if you or someone you know desires to be effortlessly beautiful but doesn't know how to get there. You might be a woman who never felt pretty as a child, you might be or feel overweight, you might have started out with a great figure, had kids, and now feel your body isn't what it used to be….or you might look much older on the outside than you feel on the inside; You might feel frumpy, unstylish or a combination of any of the above. You might be recently divorced, looking for new love or a new job. You might be a mother, a husband or a friend wanting to support someone with body confidence issues in an appropriate way. You might just want to recap on the key points following a LoveIt Styling Session. Whatever your starting point, you will find An Effortless 10/10 useful in giving you a step by step guide to having a closet that works for your body shape, features, age, lifestyle and budget.

 What is Beauty Anyway?

When it comes to our looks most women are super sensitive to any kind of feedback unless it's good and I mean REALLY good. A good compliment can set us up for weeks if not years of fabulous feel good memories while there are few prizes given out for objective feedback - even if it's asked for. Just ask any guy and they'll tell you it's easier to walk over hot coals than to give an honest opinion. Most women rightly or wrongly equate confidence in their appearance to some mythical measurement of beauty. We measure ourselves and others by the beauty yardstick without even knowing it but asking anyone to define beauty in a logical structured way so that we can understand how the scoring system works is a bit like looking for the holy's a grand and often expensive adventure through countless fashion magazines and endless boutiques that can take a lifetime and not yeild a simple truth. Just ask any woman that has a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear!

Beauty PieTo illustrate this point I defer to the definition of "beauty' provided by the great source of all universal truths, Wikipedia. At number 3 on the list of 262,000,000 results Wiki says that “Beauty is the quality of being pleasing, especially to look at, or someone or something that gives great pleasure, especially when looking at it”. According to Wiki people who are “beautiful” get better grades, land better jobs, get paid more for those jobs, and if they end up on the wrong side of the law, people who are beautiful are more likely to get more lenient sentences.

It's no wonder that we all want our fair share of the Beauty Pie. The $99M question for most of us is 'how do we get 'it' when it’s not something we can buy off the shelf.

Beauty is Another  Expression for Balance & Harmony

Wiki goes on (more usefully) to suggest that beauty is an 'experience' rather than an absolute and that we experience something as being ‘beautiful’ when we perceive it to be in perfect harmony and balance. This definition of beauty gives us a much easier construct to work with - harmony and balance are measurable concepts that, with a little bit of know-how, we can apply to ourselves in the privacy of our own homes - all we need is a full length mirror and our eyesight.

The focus of An Effortless 10/10 is about giving you the 'know-how' to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and determine with nothing other than your own eyesight, whether what you see in front of you is in perfect balance and harmony. Like the holy grail what we are looking for is simple. No degrees, lotions or potions are required, and when you look back at the end you'll realise that your beauty has been there all along - hiding in plain sight.

An Effortless 10/10 has been written from the perspective of the least amount of effort required on your part to look and feel beautiful. It's about spending less time agonizing over what to wear and more time basking in the warmth of compliments as you go about your day. It's about smiling at yourself in the mirror and walking out the door with your head held high. 

What Do WE Know?

LoveIt is comprised of a team of fashion designers, stylists and personal shoppers that all work with live customers in a 2000 square foot shop on a daily basis. Having worked with thousands of customers from all nationalities across all age groups there isn't a body sensitivity that we haven't become intimately acquainted with or that we don't know how to solve for. LoveIt Stylists work with everyone from TV show presenters and senior executives to full-time mums. When it comes to An Effortless 10/10 look there isn't a trick that we don't know. We are happy to share all that we know because we believe finding pleasure in the way we look is a cornerstone to creating lasting internal happiness and we believe that the world is a better place when the woman in it have confidence in the way they look.

Destination Beautiful

Yin Yang

There are limitless variations to creating your own beautifully balanced 10/10 looks. We use a simple 10/10 scoring system to illustrate key points because it keeps everything simple and most women make excellent point scorers. The content in An Effortless 10/10 has been designed so that you can dip in and out of the topics that interest you. The only tools you will need is your eyesight, your objectivity and a full length mirror. The only cost involved is your own personal time. 

Getting Started - Keeping Score

Before we get started it's useful to understand the way An Effortless 10/10 scoring system works. It's hard to get to where you are going if you don't know where you are now. The 10/10 scoring system works on 'feelings' as much as it does on 'absolutes'. Trust me, when you see yourself in the mirror as 10/10 you will see it AND feel it! And it's an amazing feeling. If you aren't there yet, you will feel anything from 'woe' to 'ordinary' when you look in the mirror and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that if that's what makes you happy on the inside. For those of you looking to live in the land of the 10/10 it's easy when you know how.

2/10 Woe If you look in the mirror and routinely see yourself as not more than 2/10 you are living in the land of 'woe' when it comes to what's in your closet and how it works with your body shape and features. Women who live in the land of 2/10 often have many body sensitivities that they routinely try and hide rather than balance and as a general rule they often avoid looking in the mirror because they feel awful about themselves. They also don't enjoy shopping because nothing seems to look good. If you are feeling this way then we recommend you work your way through the 5 Rules in the order they are presented. Learning how to create the perfect balance for your shape and features is a step by step process and you can't get past go if you don't have the fundamentals in place first. If you feel this is your starting point then it's a good idea to read and apply the concepts slowly. Small steps that build your confidence will get you further faster than taking big giant leaps.

5/10 OrdinaryIf you look in the mirror and routinely see yourself as 5/10 then you are living in the land of the 'ordinary' when it comes to what's in your closet and how it works with your body shape and features. Women who live in the land of 5/10 have already mastered half of the rules but still have the other half to go. Which half you have right or wrong depends entirely on the person. Some nail color but not style, for others they have everything working but their boobs are hanging too low or their hair color isn't quite right for the colors that are in their closet. Women in their 20s can get away with 5/10 looks but when we hit 30 and beyond the bits we get wrong often make us look older than we are or feel. If you are a 5/10 looking to get to an effortless 10/10 we recommend you work your way through each section using the images provided as a reference point to direct your focus. Trust your eyesight! If you see an image that resonates with your look and it's not marked 10/10 stop and check it out.

10/10 WowIf you look in the mirror and routinely see yourself as 10/10 then you are living in the land of the 'effortlessly beautiful' when it comes to what's in your closet and how it works for your body shape and features. It's a wonderful feeling to love yourself when you look in the mirror. If you are looking for the next step in creating key looks you might like to explore options to accessorise in a way that gives you true magazine style. Accent shoes and belts can provide the perfect way to express the colorful and vibrant side of your personality. It's also useful to truly understand the power of quiet and high energy colors so you know how to perfectly match your mood to the moment. Whether it's style or color, you can use the images in an Effortless 10/10 to explore the countless ways you can create effortless 10/10 looks so that you never run out of ideas when it comes to looking and feeling fabulous. 

Why EffortlessThe vast majority of women we work with either don't have the time or the inclination to spend hours getting ready each day - they are too busy living life. What most women don't realise is that being beautiful and busy don't have to be mutually exclusive options! It's a misconception to link the concept of looking beautiful with having to spend lots of time and money on preparation. That's why we use the term 'effortless'. The central theme of An Effortless 10/10 is to illustrate how to create your 10/10 looks that don't rely on you wearing make-up or spending 5 hours in front of the mirror each day. It doesn't mean you shouldn't wear make-up, it's just that you don't need to. When you have 'an effortless 10/10' closet you never have to spend five hours agonizining over what to wear each day or what to pack on a trip. Getting ready can take less than 5 minutes and you will love the last image you have of yourself before you walk out the door. 

The 5 Rules

The Rules

An Effortless 10/10 - An Introduction to THE RULES

An Effortless 10/10 - Rule 1 Wear the Right Bra

An Effortless 10/10 - Rule 2 Wear the Right Styles for Your Shape

An Effortless 10/10 - Rule 3 Wear Eye Popping Colors

An Effortless 10/10 - Rule 4 Choose the Right Shoes

An Effortless 10/10 - Rule 5 Eye Popping & Skin Loving Hair & Brows

What does success feel like?

When you see yourself in the mirror and truly love what you see, you will smile – don't believe it's that simple?...Click here to read what others say!

Hands-On Help

Recently featured on TVB Pearl's Money Magazine LoveIt Styling Services are designed to support women who would like to improve their physical appearance and want some hands-on guidance to get there. LoveIt Stylists don't tell you what you should wear, they teach you about your shape and proportions and show you the styles and colors that create balance for your shape and features. Whether you are looking for a little or a lot of hands-on help and support LoveIt has a Styling Service that can be tailored to your needs. Click here to view the full range of LoveIt Styling Services Available.


LoveIt Designers and Stylists believe that the world is a better place when women feel confident in their appearance. If you feel this information was useful please share it with your friends and/or mothers, daughters or other forums with a genuine interest in improving or building the self confidence and well-being of women. If you have questions or feedback then please direct your comments to "[email protected]"

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