Wrap Dresses
The LoveIt Signature Wrap Dress Collection features 12 styles that are each individually designed to look stunning on a specific body shape. The closer your shape and proportions are to the shape and proportions the dress was designed for the more stunning the dress will look on you.
Each LoveIt Wrap Dress style is available in a plus size or petite option and you can choose one of our designers creations or use LoveIt's Make-Me-One Service to choose your favorite fabric in block colors or prints and customise some elements like sleeve length.
There are some tell-tale signs when a dress doesn't suit your shape. When you look in the mirror and feel bigger or older than you are, or frumpy and unstylish, the chances are you are wearing a style that wasn't made to suit your shape and skin/hair and eye color.
If you aren't sure which wrap dress style is designed to suit your shape we recommend you book a free in-store LoveIt Styling Session. Not only will you learn all there is to know about the styles and colors that will make you look effortlessly beautiful, you will also enjoy 10% off the retail price for two weeks following your LoveIt Styling Session.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items