About us

I created LoveIt to make it easy for women like me to look attractive and feel confident... 

The story behind the LoveIt Brand

That's why we focus on designing clothes for women over 30!

Our styles are designed to help reverse the visual signs of aging and make you look great as you ride the hormonal rollercoaster of life after 30!

We offer our customers much more than the typical DIY fast fashion shopping experience because we know many women over 30 don't know what clothes make them look great. And...

Tobey Hill

I am complimented all the time!!

LoveIt and Catherine give the best shopping experience. Catherine takes the time to show you how clothes fit you best and what styles accentuate the best parts of your figure. I came to her after seeing how amazing the professional women she dressed looked - style, colors, patterns. She made the trying-on experience very fun, and I now know what the right 'fit' is for me. I have bought many dresses, skirts, tops, and even the best cargo pants ever. Everything washes nicely - and I am complimented on my professional and casual clothes all the time. You will LoveIT!

The last thing we want to do is to sell you a frock that isn't going to make you look and feel fabulous. That's why we also offer a range of services designed to educate and help you buy clothes that make you feel confident, empowered and beautiful!

When you look good you will navigate the swings and roundabouts of hormonal shifts, weight gain/loss, and aging, with ease. That said...

Our shopping experience isn't for everyone. If you want a quick fix of the latest trends you won't find them here!

Our shopping experience isn't for everyone. If you want a quick fix of the latest trends you won't find them here!

In fact, when you shop with us, you should expect that you may sometimes have a short wait for what you want. That's because we can customize the details that make the difference between 'OK' and great on you. We guarantee the result is worth it!

Check out our customers below and you will see what I mean. Whether you are 30 or over 60 the result will be the same...

The Benefits

The right Clothes help reverse the visual signs of aging

That's because we are perfectionists about colour and fit. With over 10 years of experience designing clothes for women over 30 we know it's the small detail that makes ALL the difference!

I would rather sell you one outfit that makes you look and feel amazing than a bunch of clothes that don't. That's because...

I know from personal experience that feeling 'average' about your appearance can make you feel self-conscious, insecure, anxious and stressed. That's why...

When you shop with us you can expect to be talked out of buying clothes that we don't feel do you justice!

Muktaa Arya

An amazing place for dresses!

An amazing place for dresses that not only suit my body type but are also beautiful, trendy, and absolutely lovable. I like the fact that Catherine will not allow me to buy clothes that do not suit me!

What you can expect is a fun and inspirational adventure that shows you how easy it is to look your best. When you own the right clothes there is no need to spend hours getting ready. You will be able to 'throw' something on and walk out the door feeling confident. And...

It goes without saying that the right clothes are super comfy and easy to care for. You can wear our clothes straight out of your suitcase. In fact, you can throw your iron away!

I designed the LoveIt shopping experience based on my idea of what a dream shopping experience should be...

Sheila Partrat

Catherine and the LoveIt team bring styling and clothes shopping to a new level

Catherine only creates beautiful and practical clothes for the modern and demanding woman who expects comfort and style. She ensures that women leave her space feeling and looking great, exactly as they are now, and suggests pieces that one would never think of, thus gently and professionally pushing out my boundaries into gorgeous new territories. Catherine and LoveIt is a 5-star discovery that upgrades your quality of life!

Case Study

Let me illustrate the difference in results when you shop with us...

This is Peta-Rene, one of our wonderful customers. She is a US Size 14 and has a typical 'apple' shape with a 'FF' cup and a tummy 

In the picture below Peta-Rene is wearing a LoveIt A-Line Wrap Dress. I am sure you will think she looks 'OK' in this dress. This style is one of the most popular wrap dresses on our website. But it's an example of a dress that I often talk women out of buying. Here's why...

Try this quick self-test...

LoveIt A-Line Wrap Dress


Close your eyes for a moment and ask yourself what you remember about Peta-Rene. How would you describe her to one of your friends? What is the lasting impression she makes? Would you describe her beautiful face or were you too mesmerized by her boobs?

Zoom into this image until she fills your phone screen. Now close your eyes for a moment and ask yourself what you remember about Peta-Rene. How would you describe her to one of your friends? What is the lasting impression she makes? Would you describe her beautiful face or were you too mesmerized by her boobs? Does she look beautiful or a bit frumpy?

Now l will show you a picture of Peta-Rene wearing one of our other wrap dresses...

Now repeat the test

LoveIt Wrap Dress with Side Ruche WR-4-D-S-PJ

How would you describe her to your friends now? Don't you think she looks years younger, much slimmer and 'drop dead gorgeous'? And even though this dress is bright blue, don't you find it makes you look at her beautiful eyes instead of her boobs?

Just in case you are busy scrolling up and down to check if it's the same person let me show you both of these images side by side...

Illustration of the Laws of Attraction
LoveIt A-Line Wrap Dress

Boobs / Tummy / Frumpy

LoveIt Wrap Dress with Side Ruche WR-4-D-S-PJ

Eyes / Face / Fabulous

Why Shop With Us?

The problem is that many women over 30 don't know what to wear as their body shape changes. Sooner or later we all get jiggle, muffin tops, loose tummy skin, fat wings or a layer of soft downy skin that most of us want to hide...

DIY hiding is great if you want to look older and frumpy. But that's not what our customers want!

If you are a confident shopper you can shop with us online or in-store just like you would anywhere else. But if you want to look younger, slimmer or simply your best self...

You might like to take advantage of our style and fit services too! That's what most of our customers do! And...

You won't find our unique combination of clothes, customizing and styling services anywhere else. It's the reason women over 30 love shopping with us!

Are you ready to explore more?

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Style and Fit Services:

We offer a fun, interactive and fast way to get you from where you are now to a look you'll love...


Stylish Comfortable Clothes

We design and sell stylish comfortable clothes designed for women over 30. You never have to worry about jiggle, fat wings, muffin tops or soft skin again!


Customized Tweaks

We make it easy to tweak the colour and fit so you only buy clothes that are 100% perfect for you!


Easy Reorder Process

We make it easy for you to reorder your favourite styles with your essential tweaks - you don't need to remember the detail because we do that for you!


Personalized Guidance

We give you ongoing support and advice so you always know what to do

Monica Stroehle


Thank you sooooo much for your friendship, patience, and wise counsel. For guiding me through this fun and empowering journey of understanding, appreciating and sharing my uniqueness and beauty and (re)claiming the confidence to shine. Really love who you are and what you offer to others...

Monica Stroehle

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