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We sell customized, tailormade and ready-to-wear clothes so you get the perfect fit no matter what your shape, height or size! 

When you shop with us you have a personal stylist on hand to give you fit, fabric and style advice - we guarantee a look you'll love! We also offer styling services if you want to completely transform your style

Custom Clothes for Women Critical Measurements

the secret to looking good

The secret to buying clothes that make you look good and feel confident no matter what your age, shape or size lies with 5 torso length measurements! When your clothes fit your torso length perfectly you will look and feel fabulous. If they don't, you won't!

our expertise

How do we know this? Because we've been designing customized, tailormade and ready-to-wear clothes for women of all shapes and sizes for > 10 years! 

our customers say

Given a choice between Ready-to-Wear, Tailormade & Customized Clothes > 90% of our customers choose customized or tailormade clothes when they see the difference the perfect fit makes!

the problem with ready-to-wear clothes

If you buy ready-to-wear clothes there's a 90% chance the torso length of the clothes won't match yours, and it only takes one of these torso measurements to be wrong for your clothes to make you look dowdy and feel self-conscious!

When the 5 torso measurements don't match yours this happens...

Clothes that don't fit you right
  1. 1
    Your tummy looks bigger
  2. 2
    Your hips/thighs/arms look bigger
  3. 3
    You look frumpy/matronly/mature 
  4. 4
    You look older
  5. 5
    You look unstylish 

THE easy way to solve the problem

We've made it easy for all women to get the right torso-length fit by offering ready-to-wear, customized and tailormade clothes
If our ready-to-wear sizes fit you perfectly, that's great! But if they don't, we've got you covered with your choice of customized or tailormade clothes. Whether you're 30 or 60, large size or small, getting the perfect torso length fit will transform your look and your confidence!
Check out our customers below and see the difference yourself...
You will experience similar results!

The important differences you need to know...

Clothes that are made for you based on modifications to a pre-existing standard pattern


These clothes will fit your torso length and proportions perfectly so you'll look great. Customizing is faster and more affordable than bespoke tailormade because the pattern already exists, and it's the same price as ready-to-wear so you're not paying more for the perfect fit. If you live in Hong Kong you can try a sample first and work with a personal stylist to get advice on fabrics and fit


It takes 2-3 weeks to make customized clothes so you need to plan ahead. The upside is you'll love wearing these clothes for years and you'll enjoy 24x7 confidence and loads of compliments!

Clothes designed for your measurements and creative desires. Both the pattern and the finished garment are 'bespoke'


These clothes will fit you perfectly and when it comes to design and fabrics, you are only limited by your imagination and budget. All you need to start with is a picture or sketch of what you want the end result to look like and our design team will bring your vision to life


It takes > 3 weeks to make tailor made clothes, fittings are required and it's more expensive than 'customizing' because a pattern needs to be made especially for you. If you have the time and budget, it's a fabulous experience!

Pre-produced clothes based on a pattern that has been scaled for standard size categories. Eg: XS - XL; USA 2 - 20 etc


You can buy ready-to-wear clothes and wear them immediately 


Ready-to-Wear clothes will only look good on you if you have the same torso length and proportions as the fit model(s) used to create the base pattern - even if you buy from us. Chances are <10%!! But...Instead of missing out on a style you love because it's not quite right, you can order a customized version made especially to fit you!

LoveIt Closet Editing Services

OUr styling services

Working with a personal stylist can help transform your look and confidence. We tailor our styling services to your individual needs. Popular requests are:

  • Clothes that are slimming
  • Clothes to make you look younger
  • Stylish outfit ideas
  • Fashion tips and tricks
  • What styles suit long torso women
  • How should a dress fit
  • Best style for curvy women
  • How to buy clothes that fit
  • Plus size style tips