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Customized Clothes Fitting Session


What are customized clothes?

Customized clothes are clothes made for you based on modifications to a pre-existing standard pattern for any style in our ready-to-wear collection. There are over 300 styles to choose from covering casual clothes to formal wear

To explore the benefits, see examples and find out how it works, click on the button below...

What is a customized clothes fitting session?


When you book a fitting session for customized clothes you are booking 1-1 time with a personal stylist/fit expert who will record your measurements for the customized clothes you want to try or purchase. They will also help you decide on fabrics and prints that work with your shape, lifestyle and other items in your closet. 


You will try on sample garments in standard sizes and explore fabric textures, colours and prints. Your fit expert will show you the customizations you need to get the perfect fit for your torso length

  1. 1
    Choose the style, fabric and trims
  2. 2
    Record the customizations for need for the perfect torso fit
  3. 3
    'Wiggle Room' decisions


A sample garment may fit you perfectly except for the upper arms, across the bust or hips etc. 'Wiggle Room' are the customizations to make the garment feel comfortable when you are stretching and moving about.


Fitting sessions are 1 hour duration


Fitting sessions for customized clothes are FREE


Bookings are required if you want to work 1-1 with a personal stylist/fit expert. > 85% of customers prefer 1-1 time because they can focus without distractions from other customers and they enjoy learning extra fashion tips and tricks that are specific to themselves

However, you can also purchase customized clothes during our general shop opening hours

What do I need to bring ?

What to Bring Checklist:

Your stylist/fit expert may ask you to bring different items depending on your goals. However, for every session please:

  • Bring or wear your most supportive bra (if you aren't sure, bring a selection of what you have) 
  • Bring or wear your loosest knickers (ie: DO NOT wear compression underwear eg: Spanx to your session)
  • Please don't wear lipstick or heavy makeup to your fitting session

How do I book?

How to book?

You can book and pay for your customized clothes fitting session using the form below. If you have any questions or need help making decisions please don't hesitate to contact us via the Help Chat button below or tap on the phone icon to call us

What is the price for Customized Clothes?


Prices for customized clothes are the same as prices for our Ready-to-Wear clothes. The only time the price will be increased is if you want a more expensive fabric/trims or you want a longer length, sleeves are some other attribute that is different from the sample garment

We recommend you explore our Ready-to-Wear collection for style and fabric ideas before you book your fitting session and feel free to send us pics of any styles you love



This booking form is for a customized clothes fitting session in Hong Kong at the LoveIt Boutique & Fitting Room

Address: 1801, 18F, Car Po Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

Bookings are essential. You can book using the booking form below

Price: FREE

Duration: 60 minutes


You can contact us to reschedule your session to another date and time

Customized Clothes Fitting Session Booking Form

LoveIt and Catherine give the best shopping experience. Catherine takes the time to show you how clothes fit you best and what styles accentuate the best parts of your figure. I came to her after seeing how amazing the professional women she dressed looked - style, colors, patterns. She made the trying-on experience very fun, and I now know what the right 'fit' is for me. I have bought many dresses, skirts, tops, and even the best cargo pants ever. Everything washes nicely - and I am complimented on my professional and casual clothes all the time. You will LoveIT!

Tobey Hill 

LoveIt Hong Kong Customer Reviews

Enjoyed the personalized shopping and styling services. There are many yummy choices of styles and exclusive prints, out of which one can make a million combinations and can choose to have clothes made. For businesswomen who are bored of formal work suits, it’s great to try this new clothing style that is work-appropriate but also helps to make an impression

Ruoxu Liu

LoveIt Customized Clothing for Women Reviews

Catherine only creates beautiful and practical clothes for the modern and demanding woman who expects comfort and style. She ensures that women leave her space feeling and looking great, exactly as they are now, and suggests pieces that one would never think of, thus gently and professionally pushing out my boundaries into gorgeous new territories. Catherine and LoveIt is a 5-star discovery that upgrades your quality of life!

Sheila Partrat

LoveIt Customized Clothes for Women Reviews