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CASE STUDy 2 - Who wore it best?

The body acceptance movement may make us more accepting of how others look but it doesn't make us less self-critical. That's because...

Most of us compare ourselves to others - or our younger/slimmer selves - on autopilot. It's easy to become self-critical if you feel someone looks prettier, taller, slimmer or younger on a regular basis!

Learning how to apply the 'love it' LOA will help silence your inner critic because...

Wearing clothes that draw focus to your eyes makes you look just as beautiful as any other woman who does the same!

Below is an example of the same dress on Pete-Rene (a customer) and two professional models who are younger and 5 sizes smaller...

Q: who Wore it Best?

Size 44 Customer VS Size 34 Professional Models
Love It Law of Attraction in Action

A: No one, they all look beautiful!

Applying the Law of Attraction

Key Takeaway...

You don't need to be a young, size XS model to look attractive and feel confident! 

If you master the 'love it' LOA you won't need to give yourself a daily pep talk about body acceptance because your inner critic won't find any flaws!

DO's & DON'Ts

100 % Focus on Eyes

The hassle-free way to look slim, young and beautiful 24 x 7

Focus on Clothes/Body

Stop buying clothes that bring out your insecurities

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