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CASE STUDy 3 - Train your brain to focus on your eyes

Applying the 'love it' LOA is easy once you train your brain to dress for your eyes. The problem is that...

We are taught the exact opposite. And if you don't have the perfect body this can bring out your evil twin every time you look in the mirror!

Let me illustrate with an example...

The problem

The image below shows the same model wearing an aqua and black snakeskin wrap dress with the same style of shoe

The only difference between the two outfits is the shoe colour. One is black to match the print of the dress. The other is 'sand' to match the colour of her hair...

The problem with choosing a black shoe for this model is that it draws our focus - like a magnet - to her hips and feet. If you're self-conscious about your tummy, hips and thighs you're unleashing your inner critic

Hips/Feet vs Eyes

Case Study 3 Train Your Brain

Size 34 vs Size 44

Wondering if size makes a difference to the outcome?

Check out the example below...

Silence Your Inner Critic

Case Study 3 Train Your Brain

all women...

The great thing about the 'love it' LOA is that it works for everyone

Check out the example below...

Balance is Beautiful

Case Study 3 Train Your Brain
Applying the Law of Attraction

Key Takeaway...

The fastest way to love what you see EVERY time you look in the mirror is to make sure nothing competes with your eyes for attention!

DO's & DON'Ts

100 % Focus on Eyes

Wear style & colour combinations that draw focus to your eyes

Focus on Clothes/Body

Avoid style & colour combos that compete with your eyes

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