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Closet Editing Services

styling services 2022

Is your closet driving you crazy? Learn how to dress your body with style and confidence with our closet editing services

Are the clothes in your closet making you look and feel fat, frumpy or old?

Does getting dressed every morning fill you with stress instead of happiness?

Do you have a closet full of clothes you never wear?

Losing your style mojo is more common than you think. It's an issue that affects many women over 30 and most women in their 40, 50's and 60s because our bodies change and our clothes don't fit like they used to...

So don't worry — if you're wondering how to dress your body you aren't alone and we'd love to help you put the smile back on your dial by assisting you with a wardrobe makeover closet edit!

what is a closet editing service?

Our closet editing services help you...


Step 1: Review Individual Items In Your Closet

The first step is to try each item on you want reviewed to check whether the style, colour and fit are ideal for your shape, height and features. Your stylist will recommend whether you keep, modify or gift each item. Items reviewed can include clothes, shoes and accessories


Step 2: Create Stylish Looks & Combinations

The next step is to create stylish combinations from the items you want to keep or alter. Your stylist will typically photograph each combination on you so can don't need to remember or take notes


Step 3: Identify Gaps In Your Wardrobe

Your stylist will identify gaps you have in your existing pieces so you have a 'list' of what you need to buy to complete each look

how you benefit from

Our closet editing services


We help you edit out the items that don't do you justice...


We help you rework your existing pieces in new ways


We help you decide what to modify to dress your body perfectly

mix and match

We help you curate stylish outfits so you know 'which goes with what'


We show you an easy way to organize your closet so you can find everything easily

shoe edit

We show you how to style it up or down with shoes...

Belts & Bags

We show you how to change it up with belts and bags...


We show you how to add the finishing touch with jewellery and scarves ...

bras & necklines

We show you how to match your bras and necklines so your tummy looks slimmer


We take pictures so you don't have to remember...


We show you which colors make you look like you've been drinking from the fountain of eternal youth...


We help you identify the gaps and how to fix them...

we offer 2 closet editing services

Choose the option that fits your needs best or use a combination of both...

  • Closet Edit At loveit

  • wardrobe edit at home

Time | Cost | Location

Session Duration: 2.15 Hours

Cost: HK $ 1600

Location: 1801, 18F, Car Po Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

Transport: Easy access by Train | Bus | Taxi

Benefits | How It Works

Advantages of Closet Editing At LoveIt: 

There are many advantages of Closet Editing at LoveIt — they all stem from our unique ability to integrate our garment/fabric and accessories samples into your session. We use our samples as needed so you can explore different looks in real-time and don't have to rely on your imagination to visualize what styles/colours give you the best outcomes

We recommend this option if you: 

  • Have a closet full of clothes you don't wear because they don't fit or they make you look & feel fat, frumpy or old
  • Experience stress or anxiety when getting dressed or if you frequently try many outfits before deciding what to wear
  • Feel your body shape has changed and your clothes don't fit or look like they used to 
  • If you don't have a lot of space, an easily accessible full length mirror or good lighting in your home

3 Examples to illustrate the benefits: 

  1. 1
    You may have trousers you don’t wear because none of your tops look great with them. We use our sample tops to explore different styles in real-time so you know exactly what styles work and why
  2. 2
    You may have print skirts you don’t wear because you don’t own the right colour top. We use our sample fabrics to show you what the best pairing colours/textures are in real-time so you don't have to visualize, memorize and then try to find something similar
  3. 3
    You may have loose-fitting dresses that you used to love but now make you look frumpy because your shape has changed. We can use our sample dresses to show you what styles make you look stylish with your current body shape and help you decide if your current styles are best modified or given away 

How It Works:

  • You pack your suitcase(s) and bring a selection of your pieces to us. We integrate our garment, fabric and accessories samples as needed so you can explore 'finished looks' in front of the mirror. This is a major benefit because you don't have to visualize what success looks like — it's very useful to compare and contrast and it helps identify gaps!
  • As you try on each of your pieces we help you decide whether to keep, modify or gift them
  • We show you how to style the pieces you decide to keep and through the use of our samples, we identity and photograph the gaps so you don't need to rely on your memory or take notes 
  • We pin or tack the items that need to be modified and can take care of the alterations too (NB: alteration costs are not included)
  • We help you decide what clothes to give away and can help you redistribute them to those in need so it's one less item on your To-Do List.

How Many Sessions You Need

How Many Sessions You Need: 

The number of sessions you need to complete your wardrobe makeover closet edit depends on how many items you want help reviewing. Assessing whether to keep & style, alter or gift an item can take 5-10 mins, so you can expect to cover ~30 items per session

Our recommendation: 

We recommend you start with 1 session before deciding you need more...

That's Because: 

We have edited 1000s of closets so we know that most women have 'groups' of clothes with common characteristics they aren't aware of because they are subtle and aren't easy for the untrained eye to see!

But the moment the common element(s) is revealed you will instantly understand why you don't like wearing other garments in your closet that are the same. These are BIG 'AH-HA' moments that you can't un-see or unknow

This means you don't need to try on every item you own with the same characteristic unless you decide it's worth paying for the alterations to be done and pinning/tacking is required. We will give you an idea of the alteration cost and you can decide whether it's worth it...

For example, you may have 15 dresses and tops you don't wear and you don't know why. It's highly likely they all share a common characteristic(s) — like being too long for your torso from shoulder to waist. You don't need to try on all 15 items to know the same alteration will be required. When you know the estimated cost of an alteration you can decide whether it's worth going through all of them in ANOTHER EDITING session. IE: If you decide to 'gift' these items you don't need another wardrobe editing service booking to go through them unless you want a second opinion

How To Book | Pay

How to Book & Pay

  • You can book and pay online or in-store
  • 100% Pre-Payment is required
  • Reschedules are OK 
  • Session end times cannot be extended so it's important to start on time
LoveIt Closet Editing Services at LoveIt

which service is best for you?

Below are the key differences between our closet editing services. Choose one or a combination of both...

Closet Editing At LoveIt:

  • You prepare and bring items to our Fitting Room 
  • We integrate our sample garments, fabrics and accessories into your session so you experience in real-time alternatives when you have gaps
  • We pin or tack modifications so you don't need to remember
  • We take care of your alterations (NB: alteration cost is not included)
  • We take care of items you don't want to keep
  • Session Time: 2.15 hours | Cost HK $1600

Recommended if you:

  • Don't have a spacious room with full length mirror and good light 
  • Have a have a closet of clothes that make you feel frumpy, old or self-conscious
  • Have many items that you don't wear and you don't know why
  • Want us to organise your alterations
  • Want us to redistribute items you don't want to keep
  • Want to save HK $800 on the service cost 
  • You prepare your items for review in your room at home 
  • We work with what you have at home and use draping where possible to illustrate gaps 
  • We pin or tack alterations so you don't need to remember
  • You organise your own alterations
  • You take care of the items you don't want to keep
  • Session Time: 2.15 hours | Cost HK $2400

Recommended if you:

  • Have a spacious room with full length mirror and good light and if you
  • Mostly have clothes that you like and want to learn how to style using all of your accessories  
  • Want to organise your own alterations
  • Want to organise 'gifting' the items you don't want to keep

why Choose Us?

You can trust us with your wardrobe makeover closet edit because we've done 1000s of them over the past 10 year for woman of all ages, sizes and body shapes


"Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes"

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