The Fitting Room by LoveIt
When it comes to shopping for women's clothes Hong Kong is NOT known for friendly welcoming service and if you are looking for sizes above a US Size 6 the choices for women who want a modern stylish look are narrow.
The Fitting Room by LoveIt offers a unique shopping experience. LoveIt offers the perfect blend of regular off-rack shopping and the custom-made services that men in Hong Kong routinely enjoy. Women will find that there are styles to suit all body shapes in sizes US 0 - 20. What sets LoveIt apart from other boutiques is that in addition to a great range of styles in small sizes, they offer exceptional style choices for plus-size women (women over US Size 12), which are otherwise extremely limited in Hong Kong.
LoveIt prices are above the high street stores like Zara but far lower than luxury stores like Prada. If you are looking for fast fashion that doesn't last, LoveIt probably isn't going to be your first choice of places to shop. That’s because LoveIt garments are designed to last 4-6 years of frequent wear and the LoveIt experience is tailored to women over 30 who prioritize looking good with minimal effort over chasing the latest fashion trends . If you are prepared to spend a little more for excellent quality and a great cut then LoveIt is definitely the place to go. And for women on the run (who isn’t these days?) you’ll love that LoveIt garments are all wash and wear - you can literally give your iron away!
The LoveIt shopping environment is warm and cosy - it has a bohemian artsy studio feel that is difficult to find in Hong Kong these days. Customers are welcomed with beverages and there are frequent champagne shopping afternoon/nights where you can not only enjoy browsing the latest fabrics and styles while you sip on bubbles (or a G & T), but you will enjoy a view of the Hong Kong skyline that few other clothing shops can rival. On warm days you will find yourself changing while a gentle breeze floats around you as you look out on the terrace and across the magnificant Hong Kong cityscape.
A visit to LoveIt is always relaxing. You will quickly feel like you are an old friend, and quite often you will make new friends while you are there. And you’ll never know who you are going to meet - LoveIt is frequented by everyone from TV hosts and CEO’s to stay-at-home moms. It might seem like an odd blend but it’s one that works. That’s because the common element that binds every woman who shops there is that they are over 30 and have ‘real’ bodies and they all want to look FAB. The Fitting Room is a destination where you can easily while away the hours, and it’s a place where your kids, significant others and friends are always warmly welcomed and included in the experience.
Perhaps the best thing about LoveIt is their focus on ensuring you buy only what looks amazing on you, and when I say ‘amazing’, I mean AMAZING. LoveIt’s founder/head designer and stylist, Catherine Martsch, loves being at the front end and is frequently in-store. When it comes to style and improving your self-confidence, an hour with Catherine can change your entire life. Women who shop frequently at LoveIt don’t just walk away with clothing, they leave with guidance on how to make each piece work, where to go for the appropriate undergarments, shoes and other accessories, and if that’s not enough for you, their in-store service is backed up by their “Real Women” website which provides style tips and a bunch of other really useful stuff that you can access at your leisure.
Another unique aspect of shopping at LoveIt is that you are never “sold to” and more often than not, you will find yourself talked out of buying something than talked into it. Of the many maxims that make up the LoveIt experience, the one you will hear the most frequently is “if in doubt, leave it out”. Shopping at LoveIt might be more expensive than your average high street store, but you will buy less, wear each piece often and if it’s been a while in between compliments, get ready for a whole lot to come your way. Regular shoppers at LoveIt walk away with much more than packages of clothes, they walk away with an injection of self-confidence that lasts a long time.
The best way to approach a first time visit to LoveIt’s Fitting Room is to enjoy a basic fitting service which is offered free of charge. Unless you need something in a hurry, first timers are always encouraged to take advantage of working with a stylist that will make you try stuff you would never dream of picking off a rack on your own. During a first time visit to LoveIt you will find yourself immersed in a fun, learning experience that you’ll wish you had done years before. All the basics are covered, like whether you are wearing the correct bra for your shape, and you will learn the magical relationship between concepts that the average woman never thinks how the right bra style can make your stomach look inches smaller. If you’re a woman who wants to look slimmer, taller, younger, more beautiful etc, you’ll find the basic LoveIt fitting service ticks all of your boxes. You’ll walk away with your head full of wonderful possibilities and ideas which is why you are encouraged to take your time before making your first LoveIt purchase.
Once you are ready to make a purchase you have all the help and support you will need. Your stylist will send you a list of all the styles you loved when you were there so you can look them up online and decide where you want to start. If you are working to a budget it’s worth signing up to the LoveIt mailing list so you can take advantage of the promotions offered each month. If you want less ‘stuff’ in your closet, and more ‘mix and match’ outfits, you can ask your LoveIt stylist to develop a style and buying plan that gives you an easy roadmap to changing out your whole look without breaking the bank, and your stylist will let you know which promotions are coming up that will give you the best bang for your buck. Frequent shoppers definitely reap the rewards of an amazing discount structure that far exceeds anything offered by most VIP store programs and if you introduce your friends and they make a purchase, you get rewarded for that introduction too.
One of the great things about the LoveIt experience is that you can get exactly what you want. If they don’t have what you want in your size, you can order it. If you love a style, but want a different color, you can order it. If you wish it had sleeves or the hem was longer, they’ll make it so. Sure, it takes a few weeks for your order to come in, but it’s a tiny dot of time in the grand scheme of things for an item you’ll enjoy wearing for years to come and it doesn’t cost any extra to have something made especially for you. And even when you are ordering something, you can change your mind, swap for something else, or have a refund.
International customers are well catered for, especially those living in nearby China and Singapore as LoveIt endorsed stylists travel frequently to these destinations. Those further afield can also talk to a LoveIt stylist by video link, phone or email. LoveIt ships daily to destinations around the world and LoveIt endorsed stylists speak a mix of fluent English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Punjabi and Hindi.
You’ll find the LoveIt Fitting Room located on the 18th Floor (1801), Car Po Bldg, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, HONG KONG.

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