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Cropped Slimline Cardigan – All Colours


Customize Options for Plush Cotton Jersey Cropped Slimline Cardigan:
Out-of-stock standard sizes in all colours
Non-standard sizes/style tweaks in all colours

⁕ Breathable plush cotton jersey
⁕ Lightly contoured fit
⁕ Tapered rounded back waist
✓ Softens broad shoulders
✓ Slims front and back waist
✓ Fab for all sizes, including plus-size and maternity
✓ Super comfy and breathable
✓ Wear with dresses/jeans/shorts/skirts
✓ Ideal for empire dresses and tops

Common Tweaks
» Sleeve length
» Body length
» Upper arm width

Available for order

FT893 Hot Pink
FT14 Raspberry Red
FT9 Bright Red
FT955 Melon
FT1012 Peach
FT405 Biscuit
FT402 White
FT1001 Cornflower Blue
FT13 Aqua
FT7 Sky Blue
FT4 Navy
FT951 Teal
FT909 Marine Green
FT377 Jade Green
FT11 Turquoise
FT905 Electric Blue
FT12 Purple Lilac
FT404 Purple
FT882 Blush Pink
FT1 Black
Let us know what changes you need
Choose Size
Measure the fullest part of your arm in inches
Measure your torso in inches from shoulder to knee
Anything else we need to know?

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This garment is designed to give you years of wearing pleasure. To enjoy the luxurious comfort we recommend the following care instructions:

  • Cold hand wash
  • Do not iron
  • Dry flat
  • Do not tumble dry or dry clean

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