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It's no longer an unfair world! LoveIt 'customize' makes it easy to buy clothes that fit YOU perfectly

3 steps

LoveIt 'customize' fills the gap between ready-to-wear and tailor-made clothes. It's easy, fun and when you see the magical power of 'style tweaks' - well, you'll wonder how you shopped any other way

Here's how to customize your clothes in 3 easy steps:


Choose a LoveIt fabric you love in a color or print that accentuates your eyes without make-up


Choose a LoveIt style that looks great on your body shape and suits your lifestyle


Choose the 'style tweaks' that create the perfect fit for your height and proportions

why customize

Customizing is the new black! It's a growing international trend that offers amazing benefits. Here's what our customers say are the top 3 reasons to customize 

Why Customize
tweaks for Confidence
exclusive fabrics
save the environment


  • fabrics

  • styles

  • tweaks

  • cost

  • time

  • orders

  • returns

  • Size Range

is there a broad selection of fabrics?

LoveIt fabrics include plush cotton jersey, poly jersey, silk, and synthetic blends. There are many beautiful colors and prints available

Can i see the fabrics?

You can see, feel and try all of our exclusive fabrics at the LoveIt Boutique/Fitting Room

what's so special about loveit fabrics?

LoveIt fabrics are beautiful to look at, they offer second skin comfort and they are 'wash & wear'

Exclusive LoveIt Prints
Customized Examples

Customize Because You're Worth It

If it's now just as easy to buy clothes that fit perfectly, that make you smile with confidence and feel 10/10, why would you shop any other way?

Explore the stories of women who've been using LoveIt 'customize' for years and see how it's done

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