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50 is the new 30 — if you feel like you still have the rest of your life ahead of you it's time to dress the part and get the low down on what to wear...

This guide contains the best fashion tips for women over 50 who want to look like they have been drinking from the fountain of eternal youth

Fashion for 50 + women

fashion style and menopause

Let's talk about the elephant in the room first. No guide on fashion and style over 50 is complete without discussing that rollercoaster called menopause...

This guide will highlight the pain points and show you fashion tips and tricks that will help you look great even when you feel tired, cranky and hot!

the problems

This guide gives you fashion and style tips to overcome the following problems associated with the menopause...

Skin Tone Changes

As we approach menopause our collagen levels drop and our skin tone becomes soft and starts to sag. Why is this a problem?

Aside from making us look 'older' when our skin becomes soft it amplifies the affect of anything that bites into it. So even if our weight remains the same, everything, including our knickers and bras make soft indents into our skin. This in turn makes us look like we have muffin tops or fat wings which in turn makes us want to wear loose floaty clothes, which in turn makes us look frumpy and older than we are or feel...

Skin Becomes Sallow

As we hit 50 our skin naturally becomes more sallow. When we wear colours that bring out the sallowness in our skin it makes us look old and tired 

Weight Gain

Weight gain — especially around the tummy — is very common for women approaching menopause. The natural tendency is to wear loose floaty clothes to hide our weight gain which again can make us look frumpy and older than we are or feel... 

fashion and style over 50 

Step 1: Bras and Knickers

If you want to look effortlessly stylish over 50 you can't get past go if you aren't wearing the right foundations... 

There's nothing like knickers and bras that cut into your 'soft sagging skin' to make you run for the most floaty item in your closet!

Below are 2 Guides that show you — step-by-step — everything you need to know about knickers and bras...

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The easiest way to look younger over 50 is to avoid wearing colours that make your skin look sallow...

Below are 2 guides that teach you — step-by-step — which colours to avoid AND how to know which colours will make you look years younger...

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STEP 3: learn how to dress your body

The easiest way to look younger over 50 is to learn how to dress your body

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