how to style plus size women

Do you have plus-size blues because you don't love your look? Why waste another day feeling self-conscious or unattractive when a makeover can turn your fashion woes into a wow in just a few hours?

Fashion makeovers are the latest trend. It's no longer a service just for influencers and the wealthy — every woman can do it. If you've ever wondered what a makeover is, how much they cost, how to budget for one, and what the real benefits are, this guide is for you...

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What is a fashion makeover?

A fashion makeover is a service you purchase if you aren't happy with the way you look and want expert help to fix it

You set the goals and a personal stylist or style coach shows you what you need to do (and buy) to reach them...

Before and After Examples

A fashion makeover empowers you to be the woman you want to be whether you're at work, on a date, or lazing on the couch. The best way to understand what you get for your money is to show you fashion makeover before and after examples... 

LoveIt Plus Size Makeover Packages - What Clothes Suit Me

What Clothes Suit Me?

Have you ever wondered how different your life might be if you felt confident in your appearance?

Looking great isn't about wearing the latest trends. It's about wearing clothes that balance your curves and fit you perfectly!

In a fashion makeover you learn which styles are designed for your torso length, height and shape so you know what to buy and where to buy it...

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how to slim my tummy?

Nothing can get you down faster than big tummy or muffin top woes. But...

In your makeover, you'll learn the magical powers of contour and see that miracles really do happen!

LoveIt Plus Size Makeover Packages - What Colors Suit Me

What Colors Suit Me?

Are you tired of looking tired? Of feeling flat and old?

In a style makeover you learn how to choose colors to make you look like you've been drinking from the fountain of eternal youth! 

LoveIt Plus Size Fashion Makeover Packages - Style tips for plus size women

How to create stylish outfit ideas...

A fashion makeover teaches you how to create stylish outfit combinations like a pro...

Having the right clothes in your closet makes getting dressed a joy instead of something you dread!

LoveIt Styling Services - the benefits of working with a personal stylist

Want to know how to look younger and slimmer?

A makeover can turn back the hands of time AND make you look like you've been spending hours at the gym...

From the best plus size necklines to the best trouser styles, you'll have ALL your questions answered...

a fashion makeover has 2 steps

  1. 1
    First, you get advice on the styles and colours that flatter your figure and features 
  2. 2
    Then, you get help buying new clothes that fit you perfectly

What are the main benefits of a fashion makeover for plus size women?

There are 3 top benefits of a fashion makeover:

  1. 1
    You find out which styles, colours and fabrics make you look great and why. Plus size shopping is SO much easier when you know what to buy!
  2. 2
    Your makeover stylist can help you buy plus size clothes. Whether you want a few pieces or a whole new closet, they will know where to shop for clothes that fit you perfectly. This will include off-rack and custom plus size or tailor made clothes
  3. 3
    A fashion makeover can completely transform your self-confidence and in turn, help you manifest your goals faster. Whether it's a new job, finding new love or simply learning to love yourself just as you are, a fashion makeover builds your confidence!

how much does a fashion makeover cost?

Prices for fashion makeover packages can range widely. Some service providers offer packages that include showing you what to wear AND taking you shopping BUT you have to pay for the clothes separately — they may or may not charge you a commission on what you buy...

Other service providers — like us — offer fashion makeover packages that include buying clothes at a special discount. Our fashion makeover prices start at HK $990. We offer packages to suit every budget with options you can mix and match to meet your needs!

how to budget for a fashion makeover and choose your styling services provider...

It's very common to want to throw out your whole closet and start again after a styling session which is why we recommend you begin with the end in mind and plan your budget first. Knowing what to buy is crucial, but if you don't have enough money to buy at least one new outfit you may feel frustrated so choose a service provider that can tailor a package to meet your needs!

top tips for choosing a fashion makeover service provider....

  1. 1
    Work out your TOTAL budget including the amount of money you want to spend on new clothes. Many plus-size women find it difficult to buy off-rack fast fashion that fits. It's definitely worth paying extra for quality clothes that fit you perfectly even if that means you can only buy 1 new dress or outfit to begin with! Your confidence is worth it!
  2. 2
    Make sure your service provider specializes in style for plus size women so you get the best advice AND when it comes to shopping they can advise whether off-rack or custom plus size clothes are going to be best for you. While it's possible to have some alterations done post-purchase, the fit is never as good so the cost of custom clothes evens out
  3. 3
    If you are on a tight budget, choose a service provider that allows you to pay as you go. For example, in addition to our makeover packages that include clothes, we also offer styling services by the hour with special 'clothes only packages' available to you later...
  4. 4
    Check out styling services reviews from your service provider and if possible, meet them in person before you book so you can talk in advance about your budget and goals and which package options are going to give you the best value

Why choose us for your fashion makeover?

There are 5 benefits of booking your fashion makeover with us:

  1. 1
    We design and sell plus size clothes for women so you don't have to waste time going from shop to shop to try things on
  2. 2
    We sell off-rack, customized and tailor made plus size clothes so you'll never have to worry about finding clothes that fit you perfectly!
  3. 3
    We offer a warm, friendly environment where you'll feel completely at ease 
  4. 4
    We offer fashion makeover packages for every budget
  5. 5
    We offer transformation makeover packages for plus-size women who have a goal to lose weight and want help, motivation and support along the way

Do you need a fashion makeover?

Still not sure? Below is a list of 12 more benefits that come from a fashion makeover. If any of these benefits are on your 2023 'goals list' a makeover can help transform your life, not just your look!

Improve my confidence

I want to feel happy instead of critical when I look in the mirror

look younger

I want to look timeless and beautiful no matter what my age

look slimmer

I want to feel like my fat bits have been airbrushed away in real life not just on my phone

look healthy

I want to radiate health and vitality without makeup

body acceptance

I don't have a perfect body but I look and feel like I do

save the planet

I want to buy clothes that I love wearing until they are tread bare

eliminate stress

Getting dressed makes me feel excited about the day to come

simplify my life

I want to declutter my closet and love wearing the clothes I own

save money

I want to stop buying clothes that I never wear

conquer menopause

I want to feel comfortable and attractive as my hormones change

transform my weight

I want to see my weight loss goals translate in clothes size each month

It's my time to shine

I'm tired of being a wall flower. It's time to let my light shine brightly

Shana Hurrell A Personal Stylist Review

Motivating, Educational & Absolutely Fabulous!

I was fortunate to meet Catherine and spent the best 2 hours discovering what to wear and what not to wear for my body shape - most importantly Catherine shares easy-to-apply style steps and has you feeling positive about your body shape in no time at all.

Before meeting Catherine... I used to shop thinking I had to cover my curves and the additional weight gain only to discover that the clothing I was purchasing was actually putting even more weight on ‘optically’ and “yes” I felt this - I felt frumpy and uncomfortable with no style. After years of shopping this way, I ended up with a wardrobe with no real style and no direction and wardrobe disappointment as I spent time trying to find something to wear that I felt “okay” in

After meeting Catherine... I now know my body shape and embrace it. With colour and style matching and tips and tricks, I watched, with my own eyes, my shape and size change by at least 2 sizes “optically” - I am the same curvy gal I was when I walked in but now I’m owning it and loving how I look - I really cannot remember the last time I truly felt this way. Catherine’s style eye is on point - she was able to work with me and understood what suited my lifestyle and ensured I could take it away and apply. The best thing is that transformation can happen immediately with what you learn.

I walked in feeling frumpy and left feeling “fabulous”. Watch out World!!