introducing flexi-style

It's the dawn of a new era. The sun is shining, the humidity is kicking in, we are about to switch the aircons on 24 x 7. It's the same as every Hong Kong summer right? NO! The post COVID 19 world is the same, same - but different! First, few of us will be escaping the brutal Hong Kong summer in 2020. Second, for many of us HOW & WHERE we work is fundamentally changing. The lines of office & home have blurred. The new world of office rotations has come with a new informal dress code, and we are happily wearing sneakers to work where only 3 months ago this would have been unthinkable. We must all be more FLEXIBLE. It follows that our wardrobe needs to reflect this new way of life.  That's why we invented Flexi-Style 

flexi-style steps


choose your style combinations

Before you choose your style combinations think about the most formal and casual scenarios in your new world. Then consider whether you have particular preferences for summer conditions, eg: you prefer to sleeves. The great thing about LoveIt flexi-style is that you can create the perfect style combinations for your body shape & lifestyle. It's easy & fun!


choose your  fabric type

If you are used to escaping the humid Hong Kong summers you may not have given much thought to fabric choices in the past. BUT you won't think of much else now.  The flexi-style combo shown here features LoveIt's plush cotton jersey fabric. It's breathable and feels like a second skin so you'll barely notice you are wearing it even on the hottest humid days. LoveIt's plush cotton jersey fabric is soft and stretchy making it an ideal for all body shapes.


choose your colors

The gyms have been shut, you've been a couch potato for the past few months, easy home delivery has been your survival tactic, and despite venturing out for some fresh air, you've gained a pound or two.  If you are carrying a little extra, don't fret! Make sure you choose flexi-style color combinations that compliment your eyes because that's what will make you look & feel slim & healthy

HOW TO CREATE THIS Flexi-style combo

LoveIt White Cami Tank with Adjustable Straps 21"

cami tank

A plush cotton jersey cami tank with adjustable straps is a summer staple. Light and comfy, it's easy to dress up or down - you can even wear it to bed!

  • Wash & Wear - No ironing  
  • Dress up with pencil skirt & waterfall cardi
  • Dress down with shorts & jeans
  • Tucks in without bulk
LoveIt Waterfall Cardigan CA-7-E-S-CJ

Waterfall Cardi

A plush cotton jersey waterfall cardi is the perfect accent for any summer outfit. It's slimline design gives you beautiful shape at the same time as giving you butt and tummy coverage from the back and side

  • Wash & Wear - No ironing  
  • Wear it loose or tie it
  • Wear with shorts, jeans & pencil skirts
  • Breathable & super comfy
LoveIt Teal Plush Cotton Jersey Pencil Skirt

pencil skirt

A plush cotton jersey pencil skirt is stretchy and comfortable. Wear it to the park, on a date night or to the office. Create a casual look with a cami tank worn out and tuck in & add a waterfall cardi for the office

  • Wash & Wear - No ironing  
  • Stretchy & comfortable
  • Breathable - will keep you cool & dry
  • Easy to dress up or down

available colors

Teal Plush Cotton Jersey


Calming | Renewal

A teal tank pairs beautifully with navy, black & white bottoms. Wear it when external stress requires inner calm

Navy Plush Cotton Jersey


Confidence | Unity

A navy flexi-style combo is a closet essential that will take you from the office to a beach holiday. Every woman should own one! 

Black Plush Cotton Jersey


Strength | Importance

A black plush cotton jersey flexi-style combinations gives you endless opportunities to create different looks for every occasion

Raspberry Red Plush Cotton Jersey

raspberry REd

Health | Energy

Radiate positive energy & good health to the world with a red tank. Raspberry is a soft red &  looks beautiful with black, navy, white & denim

Jade Plush Cotton Jersey


Hope | Luck

A jade combo is the perfect way to carry Lady Luck with you wherever you go. Wear jade with any shade of white for a fresh start to spring

Sky Blue Plush Cotton Jersey


Depth | Stability

Wear sky blue on days when you want to feel good about yourself and those around you. It's an instant pick-me-up!

Aqua Plush Cotton Jersey


Creativity | Inspiration

Working from home? Looking for inspiration & focus? Aqua will lift your spirits and take your creativity to new heights

Pure White Plush Cotton Jersey


Purity | Safety

Nothing feels fresher than pure white. Looking for a spring cleanse after weeks of captivity? Make your combo white & take on the world!

Purple Lilac Plush Cotton Jersey


Wealth | Luxury

Draw abundance into your life by wearing a purple flexi-style combination. Summer purple lilac will lift your spirits & your confidence

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