From Frumpy to FAB in 90 minutes

Getting Fitted is a 3 part process that teaches you what clothes will make you look in the mirror and feel happy. You will learn: 

  • The best bra and knickers for your shape
  • The easy way to check if you're a standard size
  • The key style tweaks you need to get the perfect fit
  • The best way to hide the bits that make you self-conscious
  • The colours that make you look eternally young
  • The fabrics that will work with your shape
  • The easy way to remember and apply 

the benefits

When you look good, you feel good. So why waste another moment feeling frumpy when 90 minutes is all it takes to fix it

Getting Fitted will help you achieve your life goals: 

  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Look younger and slimmer 
  • Look the part for that job
  • Body acceptance
  • Wellness


What Happens in a 'Get Fitted' Session?


Your 90 minutes 'Get Fitted' session is based on active learning - it's practical not theoretical. It's a private session with a professional Fit Advisor


During your session you will try on a series of garments in a set sequence that is designed to show you different aspects of fit based on your body shape. As you transition from one garment to the next you will see the visual impact of each change on your body immediately. It's like having the lights switched on after you've been walking around for years in the dark. You can expect to have many 'ah ha' moments as you start to see the light


  • Whether you're a standard size and if you're not, what common tweaks you will need to get the perfect fit
  • The best necklines, sleeve styles, skirt and pant styles for your shape
  • The best bra and knickers for your shape and size
  • Which colours will make you look younger, slimmer and vibrant and how to combine them
  • A better way to hide your body bits that make you feel self-conscious
  • A easy process to remember and apply to your closet and future shopping adventures

Do I Need to Bring Anything?

What to Bring Checklist:

  • Bring or wear your most supportive bra (if you aren't sure, bring a selection of what you have) 
  • Bring or wear your loosest knickers (ie: DO NOT wear compression underwear eg: Spanx to your session)
  • Bring a selection of garments that you don't wear and you don't know why
  • Bring or wear 1-2 pairs of your favourite flats and heels

How Much Does it Cost?


Your 90 Minute Get Fitted Session is HK $900


You can off-set the full cost of your Get Fitted session against a future purchase within 30 days of completing your session

Will I Be Pressured Into Buying Anything?


Although you will try many LoveIt garments as we move through your Fitting Session, we actively discourage you from buying anything on the day. It doesn't mean you can't buy if you have a definite need but ideally you should take at least a few days to absorb what you have learned and decide what changes you might like to make. You can offset 100% of the cost of your session against any purchase you make in the following 30 days so there is no pressure to make decisions on the day

How Do I Book and Pay?


  • Bookings and payment can be made online or in-store 
  • Your booking is not accepted until payment has been made

Start and Finish Times


Your Get Fitted session is 90 minutes

90 minutes may sound like a long time but our experience shows that it's never enough to cover all the questions you once you get started


We cannot extend your session time if you are running late. You can contact us to reschedule your session to another date and time