3 Reasons to GET FITTED




You can have the best hair and nails in the world and still feel frumpy, fat or tired. If you're not feeling the love when you look in the mirror, something isn't right with the clothes in your closet

Get Fitted gain confidence

Getting fitted is a 3 part process that teaches you step by step how to buy the right clothes so you can be a confident leading lady in the next chapter of your story no matter what your shape, age or size

LoveIt Customize - Every Woman Can Do It

CHECK foundations

If your girls are pointing south you're wearing the wrong bra. And whether your boobs are big or small, the wrong bra will make your tummy, hips & upper arms look bigger and/or you will feel frumpy

Wearing the wrong knickers can make your tummy look bigger, give you a muffin top, double butt cheeks or chunky thighs and you'll feel a need to constantly cover up which in turn will make you look bigger and frumpy

Sounds like a vicious circle? It is! Which is why it's the first thing we check and teach you how to fix

Applying the Style Flaw Law

learn the STYLE FLAW LAW

Learning how to apply the 'SFL' is an easy way to understand which clothes will give you a look you'll love and which won't, so you'll know when to buy and when to walk - or tap - away

When you learn how to apply the SFL you'll also learn about 'style tweaks'. Style tweaks are a game changer, the secret sauce that guarantees you a look that fills you with confidence no matter what your age, shape or size

The 'SFL' is fun to learn, easy to remember and it will empower to shop anywhere, anytime, with confidence

Fabrics and Colors that make you look beautiful

learn fabrics & colours

Some fabrics & colours turn back the hands of time, they make you look slimmer, taller, vibrant and confident - without makeup. Others can make you look tired, old, fat or frumpy

Which would you rather wear?

When you 'get fitted' you will learn the easy way to choose and blend fabrics and colors to get a look you'll love every time you look in the mirror

get Fitted Get Results

When you 'get fitted' the results are immediate. Imagine losing 5kgs after an hour in the gym, looking years younger without a chemical peel or simply looking in the mirror and not seeing flaws. Sounds impossible, but that's what can happen - no matter what your age, shape or size


Your first 'Get Fitted' session is 90 minutes

You can offset 100% of the cost against any purchase made within 30 days of completing your session

HK $

This 90 'Get Fitted' Session is included in your membership package


Frequently asked questions

Confidence Smile

What happens in a 'Get Fitted' Session

Your 'Get Fitted' session is practical not theoretical. During your session you will try on a series of garments in a set sequence that is designed to show you different aspects of fit based on your body shape. As you transition from one garment to the next you will see the visual impact of each change on your body immediately, you will learn how to apply the SFL, and you will experience the magical power of 'style tweaks'. 

Getting fitted is like having the lights switched on after you've been walking around for days in the dark. You can expect to have many 'ah ha' moments as you start to see the light

I have already had a bra fitting. Do I need the bra assessment?

The wrong bra can make your tummy look bigger, your hips and shoulders look broad and your upper arms look chunky. And that's just from the front and side. We find that over 90% of women who get fitted for the first time aren't wearing the correct bra shape even if they are technically wearing the correct bra size. It doesn't take long and the impact can be profound

I've had my colors done, can I skip this section?

Learning about fabrics and colurs is integrated throughout your 'Get Fitted Session' and we will show you the easy way to know which colours make you look fat, frumpy and tired and which colours make you look radiant and healthy without make-up

Color Mapping

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Yes. Ideally you should bring or wear your most supportive bra. You are welcome to bring a selection of garments your own that you don't wear and you don't know why

Will I be pressured into buying a bunch of clothes?

No. Although you will get to try many LoveIt garments as we move through your Fitting Session, we actively discourage you from buying anything on the day. It doesn't mean you can't buy if you have a definite need but we encourage you to take at least a few days to absorb what you have learned where possible and it's also ideal to apply the SFL to what you already have. You can offset 100% of the cost of your session against any purchase you make in the following 30 days so there is no pressure to make decisions on the day

Will you take note of the styles and colors I like?

Yes. When you Get Fitted we create a file for you that contains your size, style and color preferences and any other information that we agree is relevant so it's on hand whenever you want to shop at LoveIt

What happens if I am running late?

Get-Fitted sessions are scheduled to allow you to have 90 minutes of private time at the LoveIt Boutique. If you are running late for a morning appointment you can either reschedule your session or you can continue your session passed the shop opening time. Evening appointments must finish on time so it's best to reschedule 

Does it really need to take 90 minutes

Yes. The time will fly and we recommend you allow extra time if you have booked a morning session so you can browse and ask questions after the boutique opens to other customers at 12pm