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High Waist Flat Tummy Roll Top Shorts – All colours


Customize Options for Matt Stretch Jersey High Waist Flat Tummy Roll Top Shorts:
Out-of-stock standard sizes in all colours
Non-standard sizes/style tweaks in all colours

⁕ Navy blue matt stretch-jersey
⁕ High waist with roll-top
⁕ Butt shaping seam detail
⁕ Flat tummy pannel

✓ Comfortable stretch fabric
✓ No pull across butt and thighs
✓ Roll top can be worn up or down
✓ No buttons or zippers across your tummy
✓ Fabric won’t give you back or front muffin top
✓ Ideal for plus-size, maternity, wide hips
✓ Light tailored style
✓ Tuck tops in or wear out
✓ Easy to mix and match
✓ Will give ‘jump-suit’ look with matching top

Use Customize to:
» Adjust the rise (waist to crotch length)
» Adjust waist
» Adjust length

Available for order

FT653 Black
FT1033 Dark Navy
FT682 Valentino Red
FT763 Bright Blue
FT757 Marine Green
FT1044 Emerald Green
FT1050 Hot Pink
FT898 Blush Pink
FT860 White
Let us know what changes you need
Your height (Inches)
Your narrowest part between Bust and Hips is...
What length do you need

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This garment is designed to give you years of wearing pleasure. To enjoy the luxurious comfort we recommend the following care instructions:

  • Cold hand wash
  • Do not iron
  • Dry flat
  • Do not tumble dry or dry clean

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