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Have you ever wondered whether you should work with a personal stylist Hong Kong but you aren't really sure about what they do or what the REAL benefits are?

This guide will help you understand what a personal stylist does, how you can benefit from working with one, and how to choose the right one for you!

LoveIt plus size 18

What is a personal stylist ?

A personal stylist helps you look and feel your best. For example...

You might look in the mirror and see a plain, fat, old or unstylish 'duck' but a good personal stylist can help you choose clothes that make you look and feel like an attractive, confident swan!

case study

 A personal stylist can help you choose clothes that make you look and feel slimmer, younger and confident. Let me show you an example...

A personal stylist can help you look younger and slimmer

Meet Peta-Rene

Peta-Rene is plus 14 US with G cup bust, a big tummy and slim hips

Many size 14 US women with the same shape as Peta-Rene would choose a dress like this because it's a pretty fabric and hides the tummy. Ticks all the boxes, right?

But, now let's see what style of dress a LoveIt Personal Stylist Hong Kong would choose for her instead...

The benefits of working with a personal stylist

The difference between these two dress styles on Peta-Rene can be measured in kilos and confidence

Don't you think she looks slimmer, years younger and far more attractive, modern and stylish?

But many plus size women wouldn't choose this style on their own because it's contoured, not floaty!

If you were Peta-Rene, which version of herself would you wish to be?

The Benefits of Working with A Personal Stylist Hong Kong

The main benefit of working 1-1 with a trained personal stylist is speed. You can spend hours, weeks or months researching fashion tips and tricks on YouTube and Google and end up with nothing but information overload and frustration! Here's why...

A personal stylist spends years learning hundreds of fashion tips and tricks but only shows you the specific tips that are relevant to your features, shape and size. But that's not all...

Showing you what to wear is only half the job, the other half is helping you source the right pieces! And, that's still not all...

Do you need a personal stylist Hong Kong?

Below are 12 benefits from working with a personal stylist. If many of these benefits are on your 'goals list' a personal stylist can help transform your life, not just your look!

Improve my confidence

I want to feel happy instead of critical when I look in the mirror

look younger

I want to look timeless and beautiful no matter what my age

look slimmer

I want to feel like my fat bits have been airbrushed away in real life not just on my phone

look healthy

I want to radiate health and vitality without makeup

body acceptance

I don't have a perfect body but I look and feel like I do

save the planet

I want to buy clothes that I love wearing until they are tread bare

eliminate stress

Getting dressed makes me feel excited about the day to come

simplify my life

I want to declutter my closet and love wearing the clothes I own

save money

I want to stop buying clothes that I never wear

conquer menopause

I want to feel comfortable and attractive as my hormones change

transform my weight

I want to see my weight loss goals translate in clothes size each month

It's my time to shine

I'm tired of being a wall flower. It's time to let my light shine brightly


Don't choose a personal stylist that relies on pictures in magazines/google or what's in your closet to teach you what you need to know! If what's in your closet made you look and feel great you wouldn't need a stylist!

A good personal stylist has access to a wide variety of styles in your size so you can try them all on in a set sequence and learn in front of a mirror as you compare and contrast each incremental change... 

But the best personal stylists are also trained 'fit specialists'. This means that in addition to having access to a wide variety of styles in your size they also have technical skills similar to a fashion designer. These extra skills come in handy — especially for plus size or curvy/large women — because 'fit specialists' can use draping techniques to show you a desired result if you live in a city like Hong Kong, where access to modern stylish plus clothes is limited

The best learning experience/environment is one where you, the clothes and your personal stylist are all in one place. If you have to go from shop to shop to try on clothes it makes 'learning' much more difficult because there's so many distractions

Remember, your personal stylist is there to help you improve your confidence, not to judge you. There's no need to dress to impress or be nervous. The best part of working with a stylist is that you can relax and just be yourself. If you place yourself in their hands, working with a stylist will help you shine!

It's important to clarify your goals with your stylist at the beginning. The more they know about what you are trying the achieve the faster they can help you get there

LoveIt Personal Stylist and Fit Specialist

The best personal stylists know everything there is to know about using style and colour to perfectly balance your proportions from top to toe 

If they have strong experience working with plus size women they will be able to help you choose the best plus size clothes too

How much does a personal stylist hong Kong cost?

Most personal stylists charge an hourly rate. You can expect to pay over HK $800/hour for a good personal stylist Hong Kong. If you choose the best stylists, and you can do everything in one place, you will get great value for money because what you learn in a few hours can transform your whole life QUICKLY!

styling services 2022

Some boutiques — like LoveIt Hong Kong offer a range of styling services and transformation packages. The benefit of booking a personal styling service in a boutique is that everything you need is in one place so you get maximum learning time and great value for money!

The other big benefit is that you don't need to go anywhere else to buy the best plus size clothes. And most boutiques offering styling services have a bundled package that includes working with the best personal stylists and buying new clothes. If you don't see it on their styling services list you should always ask...

Use this link to check out our Styling Services for women. Before you do that you might like read one of our styling services reviews because you can learn much more about the benefits that might be relevant to you. The styling service review below is long but it will give you a rich account of both the process and benefits when you book your styling service through a clothing boutique like LoveIt rather than having a personal stylist come to your home

styling service Reviews


Motivating, Educational & Absolutely Fabulous!

I was fortunate to meet Catherine and spent the best 2 hours discovering what to wear and what not to wear for my body shape - most importantly Catherine shares easy-to-apply style steps and has you feeling positive about your body shape in no time at all.

Before meeting Catherine... I used to shop thinking I had to cover my curves and the additional weight gain only to discover that the clothing I was purchasing was actually putting even more weight on ‘optically’ and “yes” I felt this - I felt frumpy and uncomfortable with no style. After years of shopping this way, I ended up with a wardrobe with no real style and no direction and wardrobe disappointment as I spent time trying to find something to wear that I felt “okay” in.

After meeting Catherine... I now know my body shape and embrace it. With colour and style matching and tips and tricks, I watched, with my own eyes, my shape and size change by at least 2 sizes “optically” - I am the same curvy gal I was when I walked in but now I’m owning it and loving how I look - I really cannot remember the last time I truly felt this way. Catherine’s style eye is on point - she was able to work with me and understood what suited my lifestyle and ensured I could take it away and apply. The best thing is that transformation can happen immediately with what you learn.

The space has a stylish comfortable ambiance and the clothing is very chic. There are no negative shop assistants at LoveIt :).

I walked in feeling frumpy and left feeling “fabulous”. Watch out World!!

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