Change the way you shop & build a better world

The fastest way to make a difference is to STOP buying clothes you'll rarely or never wear. The key to making this change a permanent part of your DNA is to learn how to consistently choose clothes that fit you perfectly, in colours that accent your eyes, in fabrics that feel beautiful to wear

Why? Because most of us don't throw away clothes we look good in and get compliments wearing until they are threadbare. These clothes become core to our identity, confidence & experiences. The rest ends up in landfill!


LoveIt offers a unique shopping experience that empowers you to make better choices


90 minutes is all it takes to master the art of fit, fabric and colour. Book today and start making better choices for yourself and the environment


LoveIt RTW offers you timeless classics that never date in beautiful fabrics that are comfortable to wear. If it's the perfect colour and fit you can buy NOW


With LoveIt 'customize' you choose a style, fabric and colour you love then we 'tweak' it to get the perfect fit for your shape and height

get Fitted feel great

When you 'get fitted' you learn how to choose clothes that make you look and feel so good that you'll not only be happy to make the world a better place, you'll wonder why you shopped any other way