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How to look like a model without being one...

It might be PC to embrace body acceptance but it's easier said than done when it comes to ourselves! That's because...

Most of us compare ourselves to others on autopilot. It's easy to become self-critical if you feel someone looks prettier, taller, slimmer or younger. And it's hard to hit the reset button on that voice in your head, right?

This guide will help you learn the easy way to look great so you can put your genie back in the bottle and keep the lid on!

the problem

There are 4 parts to this problem:


Back in the day, before fast fashion became a 'thing', women were taught basic dressmaking skills at school. So even if you weren't the world's best seamstress you still learnt the basics about your body shape and vertical proportions. These days, the closest many of us get to understanding our bodies is by comparing ourselves to fruit. Which is better than nothing. But...

Even if you know you're an apple or a pear, that doesn't account for your vertical proportions and features, like the colour of your eyes, skin and hair. To get from where you are to where you want to be you need the intel that covers them all and that intel needs to be specific to you! Here's why...


The problem with mass produced fashion is that it's based on scaling algorithms. The further you are away (in height and shape) from the fit model(s) used in the garment design process, the less chance you have of it looking good on you without some (serious) modifications!

The problem is we don't get to see the fit models so most of us make our choices based on the idea of what we want it to look like, especially if we love the fabric. And that's like falling in love with someone you met online only to find out later you got scammed!


How to look beautiful

This is me. I'm 5'1. If I try a dress designed for a 5'9 woman, I can't just lop 8" off the hem and expect that I'll look fabulous. Logically, it will be too long in the upper body for me. I will feel like I am showing too much cleavage because I am. But that's not all...

The excess fabric in the upper body will make me look like I have poor posture and saggy boobs. That's not the path to self-confidence! So I'll either wear a cami which is unstylish or the dress will sit in my closet unworn because there's something about it that's not quite right on me!

How to look beautiful

This is also me. If I try a skirt designed for a 5'7 woman, I still can't lop off the hem and expect that I'll look great! That's because...

The skirt is designed to sit on a waistline ~6" higher than mine. So the skirt hipline sits on my thighs instead of my hips which makes my hips look wider and I look oddly long in the bottom half. This in turn makes my thighs look fat, which makes me want to bury them under something floaty, which makes me look frumpy!

This creates a downward spiral that brings us to problem #3...


A-line styles are the default option for many women who experience the downward spiral. It's the last resort when all other style choices seem to expose our tummies, wobble and other flaws that our inner-critic can't resist nit-picking!

The problem is that A-line styles make most of us look matronly, mature and old. In a world where there's enormous pressure to look eternally young, this just gives our self-critical genie permission to find fault in other ways

Learning how to choose & tweak clothes to fit your vertical proportions will solve this problem and instantly transform you in ways you never thought possible!

Let me show you how a little bit of knowledge can take you from woe to wow...

who would you rather be?

LoveIt A-Line Wrap Dress

This is Peta-Rene. She is 5'8, size USA 14 with a FF cup bust and a tummy 

She is wearing a classic A-line wrap dress style that is the default for many women who have a large bust, butt and tummy

The problem is that even though her bust, tummy and butt are covered, she looks like she has a heavy set frame and even though it's a pretty fabric, she looks matronly

Many women who land here feel like this is as 'good as it gets'. Until they see themselves transformed like this...

Focus on the Eyes

This is Peta-Rene in a lightly contoured wrap dress that fits her vertical proportions perfectly

If you were Peta-Rene, who would you rather be? The heavy set matronly version or the one that can hold her own alongside two professional models?

When you wear clothes that fit perfectly from shoulder to underbust, from underbust to hips, and hips to knee you will never go back to where you were. It's an instant transformation that you just can't unknow!

Before you rush to buy this wrap dress, if you aren't 5'8 with the same vertical proportions as Peta-Rene it's not going to look the same on you unless you tweak the fit. And...


The last big problem is that most women don't wear colours that accentuate their eyes. And if your eyes aren't being accentuated something else is, which is most often your tummy, arms, hips or bust, which will make you feel self-conscious. And...

Colours that don't complement your skin tone can make you feel old, flat and tired. No amount of sleep or makeup can change this!

Let me show you an example...

Colours that accentuate your eyes


colours that accentuate your eyes

Colours that make your eyes 'pop' attract focus to your face like a magnet. They make you look healthy, youthful and beautiful no matter what your age. Those that don't will make you feel self-conscious. And if you are wearing clothes that don't fit you perfectly, these colours will amplify your perceived flaws letting your inner-critic have a field day!

You can see for yourself that these dresses fit our model perfectly but when it comes to colour there's only one winner

how to look like a model without being one...

You don't have to be a model to look like one

The moral of this story is you don't need to be a model to look beautiful and feel confident. If you wear clothes that fit your vertical proportions perfectly in colours that accentuate your eyes, you will be instantly transformed. But... 

To get there, you will need to master some new skills. These are easy and fun to learn and you can start right now!

the next step

The most important skill to learn first is to train your brain to recognize the difference between clothes that accentuate your eyes and those that don't. The easiest way to do this is to start with identifying your own 'eye-popping' colours...

Our next guide will show you the steps. Get ready to have some fun!

MY EYE-POPPING COLOURSClick here to start...

the benefits

Eye-popping colors make you look younger and full of life

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