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How to look younger 2022 - the ultimate guide

In a world where 60 is the new 40 there's more pressure than ever for women to look younger — and I'm talking decades, not years — younger than they are...

It might seem impossible, yet we've all seen them — those lucky women who look like they were first in line when the 'forever young' genes were handed out...

And it's true, good genes do play a role, but you'll be amazed by how many years you can knock off simply by learning to dress your body in the right way!

How to Make you look younger

This guide contains PART ONE of the best fashion tips for women who want to turn back the hands of time without having to change anything other than the clothes they wear!

First we'll discuss the pain points and then I'll show you how to fix them. Let's get started...

why we look older

The first step in learning how to make you look younger is understanding what makes you 'look' older because 80% of your woes when you look in the mirror come down to how you dress your body...

fast fashion fit issues  

The problem with fast fashion is it only looks great on a very small percentage of women. Here's why...

It's impossible for a garment to look great on you if it doesn't fit your torso length properly. 1/2" too long from shoulder to armpit and your posture looks poor. 1/2" too long from shoulder to waist and your bust looks saggy and your stomach/hips and butt look much bigger than they are!

The cumulative effect of these small fit issues results in us looking older than we are and somewhere in our 30's they take us from 'girl next door' cuteness to looking frumpy and old!

Skin Becomes Sallow

As we age our skin naturally becomes more sallow (more yellow). When we wear colours that bring out the sallowness in our skin it makes us look drab, tired and old...

loose floaty clothing

Many women over 30 experience weight gain and start wearing loose floaty clothing to hide it. The problem is that loose floaty clothing makes most women look old-fashioned and frumpy. The truth is that we all need a little contour...

how to look younger 2024 

the secret to looking younger is learning how to dress your body so the focus is on your eyes

How to look younger 2022 - the ultimate guide

This "How to Look Younger 2024" guide is based on data collected from styling sessions with thousands of women over the past decade. If you follow the steps below in the exact order they are given you will look younger and why...

Our approach is to start this guide with the easiest concepts to understand and apply first... 

The first 2 steps are what I call the low-hanging fruit — they are they easiest to understand and if you follow them, you will see immediate benefits. Don't follow them and the rest of this guide doesn't matter because you can't get past go without getting these right!

Step 3 is where the real fun begins. I will start to show you the subtle style faux pas that make you look old, tired and weary and how to fix them. Buckle up and let's do this together!


The easiest way to look younger is to avoid wearing colours that make your skin look sallow, washed out or tired. The trick is to wear colours that make you look like you've been drinking from the fountain of eternal youth but most women don't know what these colours are...

Below are 2 guides that teach you — step-by-step — which colours to avoid because they suck the life out of you AND which colours will make you look years younger without having to wear makeup...

Don't be tempted to skip these guides because you've once had your "colours" done. Colour swatches are only as good as the hair colour and skin tone you had at the time! And who wants to carry around a bunch of swatches anyway? It's so 'old school'...

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Step 2: Boobs & Butt Tips

The fastest way to look instantly younger is by learning to dress your body shape and you can't get past go if "your girls" are sagging onto your tummy and your knickers are biting into your belly or butt!

Below are 2 Guides that show you — step-by-step — everything you need to know about how your knickers and bras can give you the right foundation to knock years off your age

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progress check point

Congratulations!! If you've completed the first 2 steps you're already on the way to learning how to make you look younger...

If you haven't completed the first 2 steps and need some help you might find it easier and faster to work with a personal stylistClick here to find out all the benefits...

STEP 3 Part one: wear clothes that fit your torso

It's really hard to look younger if you don't wear clothes that fit your torso perfectly. Everything starts with the fit of a garment from your shoulder to armpit 

Below are 2 guides that illustrate why you will look older if you get this wrong and how to fix it! 

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STEP 3 Part two: case study

The next step in how to make you look younger is to explore the concept of 'fit' in a little more detail. Learning how to dress your body might sound less exciting than browsing through the latest fashion mags but it's where the magic happens...

To make it more exciting this next guide features a case study with 3 women — 2 are professional models and 1 is a woman just like you. The moral of the case study is that you don't need to be a model to look like one!

Let's see if you can work out who isn't a professional model before you get to the end...

February 13, 2024

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In Part B we take what you've learned about how to dress your body to the next level. These are some of the women you'll meet in the next guide on how to make you look younger

How to Look Younger 2022


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How to Look Younger 2022


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How to make you look younger


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How to make you look younger




Of course, if you want to learn how to dress your body to achieve a younger look in < 2 hours then consider booking time with a personal stylist. A personal stylist / style coach knows thousands of fashion tips and tricks that can instantly transform your look

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