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There are a thousand reasons why 'white' is a must-have color for summer 2020. At the top of the list is that it signifies purity - which, like wearing a mask, makes it a closet essential in our post COVID lives. But truth be told, white is not a color that most women over 30 find easy to wear. Here's some tips on how to make white work for YOU

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choose the right shade

When it comes to wearing white, the most common mistake women make is choosing the wrong shade. Old school thinking is that creams, off-whites and beige are somehow more flattering. The truth is that when you are over 30 creams, beige and off-whites can make you look tired and MUCH older than you are or feel. The great news is that you can wind back the hands of time simply by choosing 'pure white' instead

LoveIt Pure White Plush Cotton Jersey Tank

Alex is wearing a pure white plush cotton jersey tank with adjustable straps


choose Stretch fabrics

One of the age old criticisms of pure white - which is why so many women avoid wearing it - is that it can be 'harsh' against your skin tone. Over the years harshness has somehow become synonymous with looking older and this is certainly true if you choose the wrong fabric. The key to wearing pure white when you're over 30 is to make sure you choose  matt, stretchy fabrics. This generally rules out 100% linen, 100% cotton, 100% polyester and 100% silk but there are many other beautiful & comfortable fabric choices available

LoveIt White Shirt FVN-12-D-S-CJ FT402

Sheila is wearing a pure white plush cotton jersey top with contrast fabric for the collar and cuff


mix different textures

The real magic comes from combining different fabric textures of pure white in the same outfit. This is what makes the overall look feel soft and beautifully stylish rather than cold and harsh. To illustrate, Alex is wearing a plush cotton jersey pure white tank (smooth texture) and a pure white cotton jersey slimline cardi-coat (ribbed texture). It's the contrasting textures that create a perfect harmony, and that's what beauty is - it's perfect harmony

LoveIt Long White Cotton Jersey Cardian CA-3-E-R-CJ_FT715

As a general rule, your bottom layer of white (in this case the tank) should be smooth and your outer layer textured


classic combinations

You can also use pure white as the base for creating timeless classic looks that don't require excessive brain power to pull together. In this case a navy and pure white soft knit stripe cardi-coat creates a lovely rich contrast to the white tank and shorts. The overall combination is the perfect complement to Alex's features

LoveIt White Tank with Navy and White Knit Cardi Coat

Knit fabrics are perfect for strong air-con environments in the summer months

If you love the idea of adding white to your summer wardrobe but aren't quite sure how to pull it off, visit the Fitting Room. It's a fun safe place to learn about the styles and colors that work for you

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What hairdressers do for your hair, the Fitting Room does for your clothes

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