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Loveit hong kong plus size clothes 2024

LoveIt Hong Kong is the perfect destination for plus size shopping! With our wide range of ready-to-wear, customized and tailormade clothes, LoveIt has something to offer everyone!

Here are just a few reasons why you'll love shopping with us...

LoveIt Plus Size Shopping Hong Kong 2023

First, we understand how important it is to look good in what you wear - whether it’s at work or out on the town with friends...

That's why, when you shop with us, you'll have fun working with a fashion consultant who'll make sure your purchases are perfect for you in every way. From style and fit advice to accessories and shoes, our fashion consultants leave no stone unturned to help you look your best!

LoveIt Styling Services - the benefits of working with a personal stylist
Enjoy professional help with...
  • Taking your measurements 
  • Choosing styles that flatter your shape
  • Selecting fabrics and colors 
  • Fashion tips and tricks 
  • Creating a plus size capsule wardrobe 

Second, we've been designing plus size fashion and styling extra curvy women for >10 years so we know it can be very difficult and frustrating to buy off-rack clothes that fit, let alone make you look good... 

We know there's nothing worse than clothes that don't fit well and aren't comfortable to wear! 

That's why we give you the exciting opportunity to create your own style story at LoveIt. Check it out here...

Plus, when you shop with us you can order customised clothes so you can choose fabrics and styles that you know will make you look AMAZING!

What are customized clothes for women? 

Customizing means you choose a style online or in-store that is already available in standard sizes BUT INSTEAD of buying it pre-made you order one so it fits your torso length perfectly, is a flattering color, and gives you extra wiggle room where you need it...

Customized clothes make every woman look great  — don't worry if you have big boobs, wide hips, fat arms, large thighs, or a big tummy or butt because we can make your outfit to fit you perfectly! Check it out how it works here...


the benefits of shopping with us

We've revolutionized plus size shopping so you can buy the styles you love, in fabrics that make you shine, with the custom fit you need to look fabulous

But our plus size shopping experience doesn't stop there! 

Need a fabulous gown or a tailored dress for work? Want a new and better version of a style you already own?

You can order bespoke tailormade / custom plus size clothes from us too...

LoveIt Tailor Made Clothes for Women Ideas
  • Unlimited creative freedom
  • Made to measure - 100% perfect fit
  • Unlimited fabric and trims 
  • Original (bespoke) design 

LoveIt Size Guide 2024

LoveIt Ready-to-Wear fashion is available up to plus size 18/20

Ladies who need size 20 womens clothing or above can use LoveIt Customize or LoveIt Tailormade to order clothes that fit perfectly...

Not sure what size or fit you need? Visit us in-store and get measured and while you're there, learn what body shape you are too!

Plus Size Shopping 2024

The most popular styles for curvy women in LoveIt Ready-to-Wear are listed below. You can buy them online or try them in-store:

  • Shift dresses
  • Plus size empire waist maxi dresses
  • Bust minimizing tops
  • High-waist pencil skirts
  • Plus size women's collared shirts
  • Long slimline cardigans
  • Maxi wrap dresses
  • Casual and semi-formal cocktail dresses
  • Women's plus size wear to work clothing
  • Plus size trousers
  • High waist anti thigh chafe cotton underwear
  • Kimono robes
  • Wrap dresses
  • High-waisted maxi skirts


If you aren't loving your look, don't know what suits you, or simply want to experience a new way to shop we recommend you book 'Private Shopping'. Private shopping puts the fun and enjoyment back into plus size shopping with the added benefit that you learn the art of dressing for your unique shape and features

'Private Shopping' is free and it's the way our regular customers prefer to shop. Why? 

Because 1 hour of private shopping with a fashion consultant is worth 100 hours trying to work it out on your own

Before: It had always been daunting for me to shop for clothing as I lacked the confidence to try new styles and colours.

After: It was my first styling session to learn about my body shape and colours for my complexion. Catherine has shown & styled me to discover what would work & I have had so much fun learning these skills. These new skills have enabled me to build up a classy & gorgeous wardrobe of dresses & separates for work and play.

Comments from friends & colleagues were so complimentary and have been stopped on the street to be asked about my gorgeous pieces. Very grateful to have discovered this little gem & highly recommend a visit.

Ling Suter 

LoveIt Styling Services Review

Before: I don’t want people to say “how sweet, he brought his wife”.  I want people to think - who is that woman?  I can feel her positive energy. I need to meet her.  

After: When people meet me now they see a butterfly. Confidence shining through. They will never know the journey of self-discovery that I have taken. That will be our secret.  Thank you LoveIt.  I not only “Love it”, I love Me!

Irene Levy

LoveIt Styling Services Review

Before meeting Catherine I used to shop thinking I had to cover my curves and the additional weight gain. I felt frumpy and uncomfortable with no style.

After: Catherine shares easy-to-apply style steps and has you feeling positive about your body shape in no time at all. With colour and style matching and tips and tricks, I watched, with my own eyes, my shape and size change by at least 2 sizes “optically” - I am the same curvy gal I was when I walked in but now I’m owning it and loving how I look. I really cannot remember the last time I felt this way. The best thing is that transformation can happen immediately with what you learn.

Shana Hurrell

LoveIt Styling Services Review
One more reason to shop with us...
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