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Martini Wrap Dress | Long Sleeves


Customize Options for Martini Wrap Dress with Long Sleeves:
Out-of-stock standard sizes in all colours
Non-standard sizes/style tweaks in all colours

⁕ Soft sheen silky stretch jersey
⁕ Long martini wrap dress style
⁕ Loose fit across bust/back and hips
⁕ Wrap around belt
⁕ V-neckline with front snap
⁕ Beautiful plissé detail at wrist

✓ Lightly contoured sleeves
✓ Enchanting wrist plissé
✓ Loose fit across bust/back/hips
✓ Belt creates romantic back and front drape
✓ Fab for plus-sizes and maternity
✓ Super comfy and feminine
✓ Easy to dress up or down

Select Customize to:

» Order your favourite fabric
» Tweak the fit for your shape/height

Available for order

FT1026 Grape
FT1025 Peacock Green
FT1027 Navy
FT1028 Grey
FT1054 Purple
FT1055 Green
FT988 Teal
Let us know what changes you need
Choose Size
Choose Size
Your height in inches
Your narrowest part between Bust and Hips is...
What length do you need (inches)

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This garment is designed to give you years of wearing pleasure. To enjoy the luxurious comfort we recommend the following care instructions:

  • Cold hand wash
  • Do not iron
  • Dry flat
  • Do not tumble dry or dry clean

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