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LoveIt Hong Kong is focused on serving every woman that shops with us in-store or online with love, respect & care. Aside from our great service & expert advice women around the world and especially in Hong Kong love the beautiful garments we sell and value our ability to customize the small detail that counts. That's why we've just won the Best Independent Boutique in Hong Kong for the second year in a row.

Behind the scenes is a handful of small factories that bring our designs to life. In these small factories are small groups of people that are always willing to do what it takes to deliver that special outfit for that special occasion with that impossible deadline.  These people have names and faces and families to support and now it's our turn to do what it takes to help them weather the Coronavirus storm. 


but first, take a peek behind the scenes at one of our partner factories



the 500 tank challenge

Many factory workers in China can't return to work due to travel restrictions. This impacts the income of owners & workers. We want to help make sure our partner factories have a full order book as soon as they return to work. Why? Because bulk orders that are easy to fulfill generate cash flow quickly and this keeps the wolves from the doors. The bills don't know there's a coronavirus - rent still needs to be paid! 

Our goal is to create a bulk order for our partner factories of 500 LoveIt tanks and here's how you can help


ORDER a tank

We are offering our customers the opportunity to help us reach our goal by pre-ordering a signature LoveIt tank in your favorite plush cotton jersey color(s) for the very special price of HK $300. That's a saving of 50% and with summer just around the corner a tank is something you'll need


Expected Delivery

We estimate that our partner factories will reopen on the 15th March 2020 which means you will have your super comfy plush cotton jersey tank available for collection or delivery in time for the Easter holidays if not before


BRA friendly | All sizes

LoveIt's bra friendly tanks can be worn anywhere your imagination takes you. Available in all sizes, including plus-sizes, they can be worn on their own or layered over another tank and they are long enough to give extra coverage over your tummy, lower back and butt

Plush Cotton jersey

There is nothing quite like the feel of LoveIt's plush cotton jersey against your skin. One tank in this luxurious fabric will spoil you forever. This breathable fabric is perfect for the summer months. Choose from soft natural shades or rich vibrant hues

available colors

Teal Plush Cotton Jersey


Calming | Renewal

A teal tank pairs beautifully with navy, black & white bottoms. Wear it when external stress requires inner calm

Navy Plush Cotton Jersey


Confidence | Unity

A navy tank is a closet essential that will take you from the office to a beach holiday. Every woman should own one! 

Black Plush Cotton Jersey


Strength | Importance

A black plush cotton jersey tank gives you endless opportunities to create different looks. Another closet essential for work & play!

Raspberry Red Plush Cotton Jersey

raspberry REd

Health | Energy

Radiate positive energy & good health to the world with a red tank. Raspberry is a soft red &  looks beautiful with black, navy, white & denim

Jade Plush Cotton Jersey


Hope | Luck

A jade tank is the perfect way to carry Lady Luck with you wherever you go. Wear jade with any shade of white for a fresh start to spring

Sky Blue Plush Cotton Jersey


Depth | Stability

Wear a sky blue tank on days when you want to feel good about yourself and those around you. It's an instant pick-me-up!

Aqua Plush Cotton Jersey


Creativity | Inspiration

Working from home? Looking for inspiration & focus? An aqua tank will lift your spirits and take your creativity to new heights

Pure White Plush Cotton Jersey


Purity | Safety

Nothing feels fresher than pure white. Looking for a spring cleanse after weeks of captivity? Make your tank white & take on the world!

Purple Lilac Plush Cotton Jersey


Wealth | Luxury

A purple tank is one of life's little luxuries that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. It's the perfect color to draw prosperity into your life 

the fit

500 Tanks On Order

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We'd love you to help us reach our order goal of 500 tanks but just in case you want another way of helping you can make a straight donation to our GO GET FUNDING - 500 Tank Challenge Fundraising Campaign 

Big or small, all amounts will be greatly appreciated! 

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