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Most women over 30 have belly & back fat or loose skin that normal underwear turns into lumps and bumps that don't look great. We've all tried control briefs but they are uncomfortable - especially in the hot humid months - and push your fat or loose skin up near your boobs and on many women they cut into the soft flesh of the thigh

Passion Killer Knickers (PPKs) do the complete opposite. They work with the natural flow of your body - there's no biting or squeezing into soft skin - and the result is quite amazing.

And as a natural remedy to unbearable summer thigh chafe there is no way to help you beat the burn. If you're want to liberate your thighs and your self-confidence, PKKs are the place to start


PKKs |what are they

PKKs are non-compression based knickers

PKKs are made from super soft, breathable stretch cotton

LoveIt PKKs

why you need them

PKKs won't create fat rings or rolls across your tummy or back

PKKs feel like a second skin | They are pure 'all day' comfort

PKKs are a chemical-free prevention for thigh chafe

PKKs Vs Normal Underwear Side View

how to wear them

For smooth curves under fitted dresses & skirts wear PKKs without other knickers underneath

PKKs are available in sizes FR 36 - 48 | US 4 - 16 | UK 6 - 20

Cut your PKKs to the desired length

PKKs - How to Wear Them


smooth curves | not rolls

PKKs won't magically make your body fat &/or loose skin disappear. If you are curvy, you will still be curvy. Here's a picture of my butt. With normal knickers I look like I have a roll of fat above my knicker line. With PKKs I have a smooth curve. Which would you rather have?

prevent thigh chafe

If your thighs touch like mine do, chances are you will experience the discomfort of thigh chafe, especially in hot humid conditions. PKKs offer perfect 24 hour chemical-free thigh chafe prevention so you can enjoy wearing dresses and skirts all summer long

available colors

Beige Plush Cotton Jersey



Beige PKKs are perfect for summer dresses and skirts with a white, cream or light base. Beige PKKs also make a great base for white or cream trousers or tailored pants

Navy Plush Cotton Jersey



Navy PKKs are the perfect base for navy or purple dresses and skirts, especially if you are wearing stretch jersey fabrics

Black Plush Cotton Jersey



Black PKKs are the perfect base for dresses and skirts that are either black or have a black base, especially if you are wearing stretch jersey fabrics

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step into summer with confidence

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