Are you looking for modern, stylish size 16 US women's clothes — or size 20 womens clothes UK — that make you look attractive and feel confident? We offer a unique way of shopping for clothes that we think you'll love...

We know it can be challenging to find the perfect fit so we offer you stylish plus size Ready-to-Wear fashion which you can buy off rack  — online or in our Boutique — or customize if you need a few tweaks to get the perfect fit. We also offer a tailormade service that you can use for formal gowns or tailormade dresses and suits...

Our goal is to leave no stone unturned in helping you look your best!

Before you shop like you've always shopped, let me explain why our 'customized clothes service' could be the secret weapon you've always wanted in your self-confidence tool kit...

Why use our Customize Service? If you've ever experienced the frustration of loving something but it just didn't fit or do you justice, you'll love our customizing option. We offer this service because we are plus size clothes specialists so we know the difference between you looking slim and attractive vs fat and frumpy lies in getting the small details right...

We also know that not every plus size woman has the same shape so we offer more than just your typical 'one style suits all' approach to size 16 US / Size 20 women's clothes!

Feeling confident about your appearance lies in wearing clothes that fit you perfectly from top to toe. For example...

Did you know that if the waistline of a garment is slightly too high or too low it can make your stomach look 3-4 pounds  bigger than it is!!  Click on this link to explore all the benefits of Customized Clothes and if you think you need help working out what to wear you can click here to check out our styling services first!

OK, let's go shopping! Below is a list of every category we have in Plus Size 16 US Women’s Clothes / Size 20 Womens Clothes UK. But first let me give you a quick tip...

Our online store shows all of our styles, whether we have them in stock or not. If you find a style you love that's not in stock in your size, you can use our 'customized service' to order it. And, if you find a style is routinely out of stock it means that >80% of our customers customize the style to get the perfect colour or fit!

Who Shops With Us?

Women who want to look effortlessly stylish and confident
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Why Shop With Us?

Sharon Miller

LoveIt customize service is fantastic. I've been using it for a few years now and I almost never shop any other way. My arms are a bit big and I used to find things a bit tight across the shoulders and until I started using this service I hardly wore dresses because I could never find ones that looked good. Now it's a whole different world. I can have whatever I want and I just repeat order the styles I love and they know my measurements already - it's super easy. The quality is so good I am happily still wearing clothes I bought 5-6 years ago. Its a bit more expensive than high street but totally worth it. I never used to get many compliments, now I get them often and I love that feeling. I love the 'no ironing' too!

Plus Size 16 US Women’s Clothes / Size 20 Womens Clothes UK

Meet Tracy

Tracy is a teacher, not a plus size 16 US fashion model. But you wouldn't know it. She exudes a soft, vibrant confidence that comes from being comfortable in her own skin!

But it wasn't always this way. Like many plus size women over 30, Tracy didn't know which styles suited her until a friend referred her to LoveIt...

We helped her find her style groove and the best size 16 US women's clothes

I mean, wouldn't it be amazing to have a closet full of clothes that make you look great even on 'fat days' when you feel like crap? Don't you want that easy confidence, just like Tracy has? If you're ready to shine, follow the steps below...


Firstwe recommend you check out our Ready-to-Wear collections. We feature real customers on our website so you can see how our clothes look on women with plus size curves similar to yours

Nextwe recommend you get the low down on how our 'customizing' service works because almost all of our plus size 18 customers use it. And it you love how Tracy looks, you'll love the benefits that our customize service will give you too...

Then, if you need guidance we recommend you explore our  Styling Services and Transformation Packages. There are packages to suit every budget — and getting help will increase your confidence much faster!

And, to help you get started with other plus size style tips, you might like to check out our FREE Bra Guides below. And if the thought of bras worries or frustrates you, we can help you with guidance on where to buy the rights bras too...