Take the stress out of getting dressed

Clothes might not make the man but the wrong clothes can make a woman feel unattractive and body conscious. The great news is that you can fix your look as easily as getting your hair done!



They say a picture paints a thousand words but these pics paint just two: GET FITTED!

Meet Ruoxu and Vivian, two women over 30 who 'got fitted'

Neither are professional models, both have busy day jobs, both have kids under 6, both are curvy and neither of them have the luxury of stressing over getting dressed

They both look beautiful and confident.

They both have an aura, the French call it "je ne sais quois", the English call it a glow

If you want what they have you need to GET FITTED too!

Private Fitting Session



WHY get fitted?

Getting Fitted is an investment in yourself. You can spend all the money in the world on your intellect but if you lack confidence in your personal appearance you'll always feel a niggle of self-doubt which is completely and easily avoidable

your fitting session

Booking a Fitting Session is no different to getting your hair done. It's an essential service that will make you feel good about the way you look and increase your self confidence. There are 3 main parts: 



​​​​Wearing the wrong bra/knickers is no different to leaving home with overgrown hair roots. 90% of women aren't wearing the right bra & knicker st​​​​yles for their shape and if you haven't had yours checked there's a good chance you're one of them 

Wearing the correct bra and knickers for YOUR shape can instantly make you look slimmer, younger & posture perfect


styles that get you compliments

If you're lacking confidence in your appearance one of the first & easiest things to check is your style choices. If your clothes aren't right for your shape and height you won't feel good wearing them. Even a hem length that's 1 cm too long or short can make your tummy look bigger and make you feel self conscious. It's an easy thing to fix when you know what to look for

In your Fitting Session you will explore styles that make you look & feel beautiful and you'll get to know the small detail specific to YOUR BODY that makes the difference between average, good and great. If you're feeling fat, you'll learn how to choose styles that make you look slimmer without feeling frumpy


colors that make you look beautiful

Wearing the wrong colors can make you look tired, frumpy and fatter than you are. There is a science to selecting colors that will give you confidence and earn you compliments that you simply can't find in the pages of a fashion magazine

In your Fitting Session you'll learn the fool-proof easy way to determine which colors (including your hair color) will give you a timelessly beautiful look

private fitting sessions

Time: 90 minutes

Cost: HK$990 

Book today and save 30%

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