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Style tips to slim stomach quickly...

Most women over 30 become tummy conscious. Big size or small, tummy woes can effect us all...

This Lookin' Good Guide shows you why your clothes can make your tummy 'look' bigger than it is...and how to fix it quickly without looking frumpy!

the problem

There are 3 parts to this problem:

LoveIt Did You Know Guide


If I asked you to describe what the image above represents there's a 99.9% chance you'd say it's about women coming in all shapes and sizes. And you'd be spot on — well almost! 

The problem is there's been so much hype about shape and size that we forget to add one small but critical word to our observations — height!  Here's why height/body length) matters...

LoveIt Did You Know Guide


I've added a blue line at the shoulder height of the two women in the middle of this picture. Why is this important?

It's important because ALL patterns used to produce ready-to-wear fashion are based on a standard 'height' which gets converted to a 'standard body length' which is then broken into a set of 'standard vertical dimensions' which are then pushed through an algorithm for different sizes 

All of these measurements are based on the fit model(s) used by the brand to develop the style...

What this means is that a garment designed to fit the upper body length of the 2 women in the middle is going to be too long in the upper body for 4 of these women and too short for the others

You might be starting to wonder what on earth this has to do with your tummy — let me show you...

LoveIt Did You Know Guide


This is an image of me wearing a dress that is designed for someone ~2" longer from the shoulder to the armpit than me. I have used pegs to show how much fabric needs to come off the shoulder for the dress to fit my torso perfectly from shoulder to armpit...

Notice the dramatic difference this makes. My boobs look perky on one side and saggy on the other. The problem with excess fabric from shoulder to armpit is that it makes everything look saggy!

And when your boobs are pointing south (even if you have a small bust) it makes your tummy look bigger than it is! But's that's not all...


Because this dress is designed for someone 2" longer in the upper body than me, there's a strong chance the waistline of the dress will be sitting in the wrong spot too. And you guessed it, that will also make my tummy look bigger. It's a double whammy! Let me show you a waistline example...

LoveIt Did You Know Guide
LoveIt Lookin Good Style Guide - How to make my tummy look smaller


When the waistline of a dress (or top) doesn't sit directly on your waistline it will make your tummy look bigger. Too high or too low, the result is the same...

To illustrate, I have added lines to show you the dress waistline vs my waistline. They don't match and I look like I have a 'pot belly'. The problem is this dress was designed for someone much shorter from bust to waist than me!

Bigger differences like this example are easy to spot. The problem is that smaller differences eg: like 1.5cm (1/2") can make you feel tummy conscious too. But because they aren't as obvious to see in the mirror, you blame your tummy instead of the clothes.  And then this happens...

LoveIt Did You Know Guide


Avoiding the 'pot belly' look is why many women turn to floaty garments that hide their tummies — big tick! But, unfortunately floaty styles that hide the tummy make many women look matronly, unstylish or older than they are or feel! 

LoveIt Did You Know Guide

how to solve this problem

This problem followed me around like the plague in my 20s...

Knowing how to solve it changed my life! I went from body conscious and frumpy to body confident and stylish — instantly!

Follow the steps below if you want style tips on 'how to make my tummy look slimmer' too

how I solved this for myself

You might think that owning my own fashion brand would solve my problem. But it didn't!

The only way I could solve the problem for myself was to 'customize' my own fashion line to fit my torso length because I am longer from shoulder to waist AND shorter from waist to hips than a lot of my customers...

It didn't take long for my customers to demand access to the benefits of 'customizing' too!

That's because adjusting a garment at the shoulders and waist can make your tummy look really slim. Check out these pics of me below and you'll see what I mean. My tummy looks a lot slimmer in the second dress don't you agree?

The EASY way to get from

LoveIt Did You Know Guide
LoveIt Did You Know Guide

Style tips to slim stomach quickly with clothes you already own:

Follow these DIY steps:


DIY Tools:
  • Pegs or bull dog clips
  • A full-length mirror 
  • Good light
  • Pins
  • Tape measure
  • Your most supportive bra


Part 1: Shoulder Check
  1. 1
    Wear your most supportive bra — get bra tips here
  2. 2
    Try on each garment
  3. 3
    Gently pull the shoulder fabric up 
  4. 4
    Check the underarm sits comfortably 
  5. 5
    Peg each side as shown below 
LoveIt Did You Know Guide
LoveIt Did You Know Guide

Style Tips:

1. Always start with the shoulder line first. If you often wear a cami under a dress or top for 'bust coverage' it's a sign that you need to adjust the shoulders

2. Tall women are often short from shoulder to armpit too — so don't skip this step just because you're 5'7 or more!!

3. Need help? Book a 'keep, mend or gift' session and we'll get you sorted quickly


Part 2: Waistline Check
  1. 6
    Identify the waistline of the dress or top NB: find the narrowest part of the garment between the underarm and the hem 
  2. 7
    Identify your waistline by wrapping the tape measure around your underbust and sliding it down, tightening gently until you identify the narrowest part of your body from underbust to hips
  3. 8
    If the waistline of your dress/top is lower than your natural waistline, use your pins to lift the waistline of the garment until it sits on yours
  4. 9
     Now check in the mirror and see whether these changes transform your bust, tummy, hips and posture from fat/saggy to slim and pert

Style Tips: How to slim stomach quickly 

1: Your natural waist is often several inches higher than your belly button

2: If you have a big tummy your natural waist (narrowest part) is directly under the bust

3: If these changes transform your look it means the style is correct for you. If these changes don't transform your look it means either the style, colour (or both) doesn't suit you

4: Need help? Book one of our Styling Services - a personal stylist will get you results faster


What's Next?

If you need to adjust the shoulder or waistline of a garment by 1/2" or more it will make a dramatic difference to the overall fit from shoulder to hips. If you love the difference (like my blue dress above), it may be the big 'ah ha' you've been searching for and it's definitely worth considering the cost/benefit of having these alterations done

Cost Consideration:

There is a substantial difference in cost to make shoulder or waistline alternations if your garment has sleeves and/or if it is lined. Need help deciding if it's worth it? Book a 'Keep, Mend or Gift' Session and we'll help you decide



Once you see the dramatic difference it makes to have your clothes adjusted to the length of your torso you'll find you can never go back.  When you're buying something new, go through the process above in the store and if the garment does need alterations, it's best to factor in both the time and money commitment before you make the purchase

Or, if you can't be bothered with the hassle of alterations you can find your favorite LoveIt style and use our 'customize service' to have your garments made to fit you. You can sit back and relax while we take care of the detail. Check the benefits below...

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