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Weight Loss Transformation Packages

It can be tough to stay motivated on a weight loss journey when the scales stop moving and your clothes no longer fit, leaving you feeling demotivated and unstylish. That’s where our Weight Loss Transformation Packages come in. With a package tailored to your budget, you’ll have access to our expert LoveIt styling team every month, who will guide you on a fun journey of discovering new style options for the ‘new you’. As you progress, you’ll see changes in the size and fit of the clothes you try, which will help you stay on track when the going gets tough. And when you finally reach your goal, you can reward yourself with new clothes that fit you perfectly and make you look and feel like a million bucks. Our Weight Loss Transformation Packages are designed to keep you motivated and confident every step of the way. Each package includes a bonus from us…



An amazing place for dresses that not only suit my body type but are also beautiful, trendy, and absolutely lovable. I like the fact that they will not allow me to buy clothes that do not suit me!

Muktaa Ayra 

LoveIt Customized Clothing for Women Reviews

Enjoyed the personalized shopping and styling services. There are many yummy choices of styles and exclusive prints, out of which one can make a million combinations and can choose to have clothes made. For businesswomen who are bored of formal work suits, it’s great to try this new clothing style that is work-appropriate but also helps to make an impression

Ruoxu Liu

LoveIt Customized Clothing for Women Reviews

My experience at LoveIt Boutique has been thrilling to say the least! I knew I had found the perfect place...The style and colour we opted for were perfect for me and for the occasion. Thank you for making me feel beautiful every time I wear any of your pieces

Irene Nawrose

Customized Clothing for Women Reviews