SUPER HOT CURVES in 3 Easy Steps

super HOT curves

in 3 Easy Steps

Just because you're a plus-size woman over 30 doesn't mean you need to lose yourself in shapeless baggy clothing. Shapeless & baggy may hide but hiding will make you will look older & bigger than you are. Is older & bigger what you really want? Here's how to slip into 'super hot curve' mode instead!

LoveIt Long Tulip Dress

Plus-size curves can be SUPER beautiful when you combine styles that balance your curves with prints that make you look taller & slimmer in colors that make your eyes sparkle

wear the right bra

You will NEVER get past GO on the road to super hot curves if you aren't wearing the right bra. The correct bra style will make you look instantly slimmer, years younger & posture perfect!

The next step to looking younger & slimmer is to master the art of contour & it's easier than you think. Metaphorically, think Yin/Yang. Too much floaty (Yin) and you'll look frumpy & years older. Too much contour (Yang) & you'll look fat & feel exposed. Most plus-size women live in the land of too much Yin & feel miserable when they look in the mirror. Learning EXACTLY where to apply contour can be INSTANTLY TRANSFORMATIONAL

LoveIt Floral Empire Dress DR-38-A-D-PJ FT918
  • Adds contour to highlight Tracy's narrowest point
  • The deep round neckline slims her upper body
  • The diagonal leaf print slims her bottom half curves 

add a little contour

Applying a little contour in EXACTLY the right spots for YOUR SHAPE can transform your self-confidence instantly. If you need some guidance visit the FITTING ROOM & we'll show you step-by-step how to get it right

The final step is to choose the right fabric. Metaphorically, think round peg/square hole. If you choose a fabric with "0" stretch (square hole) & you have curves (round peg) you will be forced to go up in size to fit the widest part of your tummy, hips &/or butt OR you will experience 'fabric pull' which will make you look chunky & frumpy. You will look SO much younger, slimmer & FAB if you choose stretchy fabrics that glide over & around your curves instead of sticking to them & you will feel SO much more comfortable too

LoveIt Navy Dress with Raglan Sleeve DR-39-B-S-PJ FT661
  • High V Neck elongates Tracy's neck
  • Soft raglan sleeve gives upper arm coverage
  • Elastic waist & straight skirt provide slimming contour 

Choose stretch fabrics

Don't be a round peg squeezing into a square hole - stretch fabrics in the right style can make you look years younger & several kilos smaller.  Visit the FITTING ROOM & see how SUPER HOT your curves can be

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