the scoop

Customizing is the new black! 

Master the art of tweaking and your life will never be the same. When you wear clothes that fit perfectly you will:

  • look younger, slimmer and balanced
  • feel significantly more confident  
  • relax and enjoy life more


Customizing let's you relax and enjoy being yourself, no matter what your age, shape or size. Instead of wishing you fit the clothes, we tweak our styles to fit you! AND you get to choose the colour and fabric that's perfect for your features and lifestyle


Your days of having nothing to wear are OVER! Here's why...

If you're not a standard size, the difference between looking frumpy and fabulous is measured in 'tweaks'. For example, 1 inch wider over the hips and 1/2 inch wider across your back, might be just the tweaks you need to look fabulous. Without them everything sits and pulls in the wrong place and you'll feel fat, frumpy and uncomfortable

Every woman needs her own unique tweaks and with LoveIt 'customize' you'll find it fun to discover what yours are...

the real deal

Learning to tweak starts with dreaming about possibilities - it's about 'can have' instead of missing out or making do. Here's some real examples to get you started:


What She Wanted

Shana wanted a super comfy hoodie that was smart enough for zoom calls, a loose fit across the tummy and a colour that made her look FAB without makeup

Why She Customized

Shana is tall, has a full bust, rounded tummy and long legs. She is long from bust to hips and wanted her hoodie to be long enough to cover the top of her butt and short enough to create different looks with a layering tank underneath. She also has relatively long arms so sleeve length was important too

What She Customized

Fabric: Super comfy plush cotton jersey

Colour: Turquoise to compliment her skin, hair and eyes

Tweaks: Made the body length 2 inches longer and the sleeves 1 inch longer than standard


What She Wanted

Ruoxu wanted a super comfy dress that she could wear with heels for work and with trainers for weekends. She wanted a timeless print in a fabric that she could pull out of a suitcase and wear without ironing

Why She Customized

Ruoxu is tall. She has a very small waist relative to her shoulder and hip width. Contoured styles made her feel 'hippy' and floaty styles that fit her hips were too big at her waist and could make her feel frumpy. She wanted to look and feel deliciously curvy instead of broad and hippy

What She Customized

Style: LoveIt sleeveless peplum dress to balance her shoulders/hips/waist

Fabric: Wash & wear stretch jersey

Colour: Navy and White Polka Dot Print

Tweaks: Neckline to waist 1" lower; Waist to hem 2" longer than standard


What She Wanted

Tracy wanted a maxi dress that made her look and feel fab and confident for her hot summer holiday. She wanted a style that she could relax, eat and drink in, and wear without a worry for her holiday pics (ie: no control briefs required) and a breathable super comfy fabric that she could wash and wear in a print that made her feel fab without makeup

Why She Customized

Tracy is tall with plus-size curves and she's always found it a big challenge to buy off-rack dresses that were the right length and fit for her bottom half curves. Although she is tall, she is relatively short in the upper body and long from her bust to hips so the wrong style choices could make her feel big and frumpy. She wanted to look and feel gorgeous and confident on her holiday, not self-conscious

What She Customized

Style: LoveIt fully lined long tulip dress with wide v neckline to balance her upper and lower torso and make her look slimmer overall

Fabric: Wash & wear breathable stretch bamboo jersey to work with her curves

Colour: Electric Blue and Mint Green Sultry Hibiscus 3D Print to slim from angles and make her eyes sparkle

Tweaks: Raised the waist by 1"; Shortened the length by 2"


What She Wanted

Sheila loves classic elegance and wanted a top that worked with jeans and pencil skirts. She travels for work and wanted a super comfy fabric that looked great straight out of a suitcase. She doesn't wear makeup and wanted a colour that naturally highlighted her eyes and made her skin look young and fresh

Why She Customized

Sheila is so busy running her business that she wanted to keep things in her closet simple. She wanted comfortable easy mix and match pieces that she could wear indoors in cold Canadian winters and outdoors in hot humid Hong Kong summers - oh, and pieces that would take her from 9 to wine

What She Customized

Style: LoveIt Long Sleeve Wrap Top with Collar and Cuff

Fabric: Wash & wear breathable plush cotton jersey body with stretch cotton collar and cuff and silver button detail

Colour: Navy Blue to accent her beautiful eyes and make her look beautiful without makeup

Tweaks: Increased the sleeve length by 1.5"; Increased the full length by 2"


AND because you can never have too much of a good thing...

Once you've found your groove, LoveIt Customize makes it super easy to repeat order your favourite styles in the latest fabrics and prints with exactly the same tweaks


What she wanted: Audrey loves summer dresses that she can wear with flats or heels

Why she customizes: Audrey has very slim shoulders and arms, a small bust, tiny waist and prefers a loose fit across the tummy. At less than 5' tall, off-rack clothes rarely fit her proportions. She uses 'LoveIt customize' to repeat order her favourites styles with the same tweaks because you can never have too much of a good thing!

What She Customized

Style: Off-Shoulder A-Line Dress

Fabric: Breathable Bamboo Jersey

Prints: Red/Green & Blue/Pink Florals

Tweaks: Raised the waist/shortened the sleeves

What She Customized

Style: Sweetheart Maxi Dress

Fabric: Matt Stretch Jersey

Prints: Floral & Animal Prints

Tweaks: Shortened straps/dress length

they say

'Tweaks' Will Liberate you

You'll be amazed by the profound difference an inch here and there can make. Those already 'customizing' say:

  • your self-confidence will increase
  • compliments will start flowing your way
  • friends will start asking for style advice