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Plunge Bra

Why You Need This Guide

I want to help you understand whether you have the correct bra styles for the necklines you like to wear. If you want to love how you look your necklines and bra styles should match!

Reverse the Visual Signs of Aging

It's a golden rule that all women can apply, especially if you want to reverse the visual signs of aging! 

The reason I created this guide is that over 90% of my new customers are not aware of this rule. Needless to say, most don't own the right bra styles either. Those that do, don't know when to wear them!

If the idea of matching your necklines and bra styles is new, there's a good chance that you're in the 90% too. A mismatch between your necklines and bra styles can make you feel body-conscious and insecure...

Many of my customers feel sad they have lived with insecurities that could have been solved a long time ago. This guide will show you the benefits of the matching rule as well as the essential bras you need to do it yourself...

If you find this information useful you might like to download my FREE guide. It contains images that you can use as a reference whenever you are in doubt!

Let's get started...

signs of a mismatch

When your bras and necklines don't match it can make your:

  • Boobs look saggy
  • Posture look tired
  • Tummy look big
  • Upper arms look big
  • Shoulders look broad
  • Hips look wider
  • Upper body look stocky
  • Neck look short

unbelievable difference

Let me illustrate the difference between a mismatch and a match on one of my customers. Cheryl wished she knew about the matching rule years ago. You can see for yourself, it's an unbelievable difference!

Right and Wrong Bra

The problem is obvious when you see two images side by side when only the bra is different. You don't need to see her face to know that the matching bra and neckline creates a younger, slimmer silhouette!

It's easy to see the consequences of looking in the mirror 15 times a day over many years if you are continually getting this wrong...

Insecurities from Your Appearance

If you want to overcome your fears and insecurities you might want to fix this as soon as you can because it's not hard to do. But first you need to know...

how to identify a mismatch

Not every woman experiences a bra mismatch in the same way. The 'wrong' bra on you may look quite different because there are many variables at play! 

Most women experience a mismatch as a 'feeling' or a 'focus'

For example, you may find yourself 'focused' on your tummy or you 'feel' like your upper arms are too big...

That's because a mismatch gives you a 'feeling' that something is not in proportion. Your untrained eye knows that something isn't right, but doesn't understand the cause. It's challenging because...

Unless you wear the same neckline each day the problem will feel like a moving target. One day you may feel you are 'focused' on your tummy. On another day you may 'feel' stocky and short. These cumulative experiences can have a domino effect that makes you feel insecure!

Let me show you some common examples of bra and neckline mismatches so you know what to look for and you can see how the domino effect works...

bra mismatch some examples

Mismatches can make your look old, fat and saggy

Neckline and Bra mismatch

the problem

the wrong bra has a domino effect

Wrong Bra can have domino effect

How to fix the problem

Think about your bra styles and necklines as pieces of a puzzle. When the pieces fit together you create the base for a perfect picture and this will make you look and feel good...

But like a puzzle, you can't create a perfect outcome if you are trying to fit pieces from the wrong box!

Below I will show you 2 essential bra styles that cover most necklines and then you'll learn which style to wear with the necklines in your closet...

But first, let me show you some examples of my customers who have mastered the concept. If they can do it, you can too!

the benefits

The right bra helps reverse the visual signs of aging

2 essential bra styles

2 essential bra styles

These two essential bra styles will match all necklines except strapless and halter styles

These two bra styles will match all necklines except strapless and halter styles

'plunge' bra

This is the best bra style for all deep 'V' necklines. The nipple position is a critical factor when evaluating this bra style...

Key Feature

The 'plunge' bra creates a natural 'v' shape from the outer shoulders to the mid-point of your bust either just above or below your nipple line

Best Nipple Position

Girls to your midline:

If you want to improve your posture, make your upper arms and tummy look slimmer, or look younger, you need a plunge bra that gently directs your girls to the midline of your body and towards the opposite shoulder


Plunge bras that allow your nipples to splay east and west (nipples will point towards your arms not your midline) will make your upper body look shorter, your upper arms look bigger, and can make your hips look wider. These bras will automatically bring focus to your boobs and tummy even if you are wearing a loose fitting garment!

Plunge bras that allow your nipples to point in the direction of your tummy will make your posture look poor and your tummy look bigger

Padding & lift:

Gentle padding/lift from the side is ideal for women who have 'empty' boobs and for women whose boobs naturally splay to the outside of the body 

Padding should be from the side and gently direct your nipples toward your opposite shoulder


A little padding goes a long way. If you aren't sure how much padding you need to match your necklines we recommend you get some advice from a fitting expert who knows about necklines and bras

Neckline Matches

Best Neckline Matches:

Plunge bras are the perfect match for all 'V' necklines except 'faux' V necklines


Tops that have a high 'v' (the 'v' sits above your bust line) are faux V necklines. The plunge bra is NOT a match for these tops


Button-Down shirts are also faux V necklines. The plunge bra is NOT a match for these shirts even when you leave buttons open to the bust!

'bridge' balcony bra

This is the best bra style for all necklines except deep 'V' necklines. The nipple position is a critical factor when evaluating this bra style...


The 'bridge' balcony bra follows the line of your body across the bust. The most important feature of this bra is the 'bridge' of fabric that sits in between your girls at the midline. This fabric should be high enough (~ 6cm or 2") to give you a soft sweetheart shape across your bust


This bra style is often sold as a 'strapless' bra. You will wear it with the straps unless your top or dress is strapless


Ideally you want to have fully adjustable straps


The best bridge balcony bras give your bust full coverage


The best 'bridge' balcony bras are very plain (no lace) and use modern fabrications that offer comfort and support.


The best 'bridge balcony bras' give your girls a slight upward tilt and keep your nipple line centre front


Avoid all 'balcony bras' that allow your boobs to go 'east and west' as these bras will make your neck look shorter, your upper arms look bigger and your upper body look broad and stocky


If you have bust cup size > D cup a bridge balcony bra may make your bust look larger. That's because the bra will bring your girls in and up. This will make your tummy look slimmer and improve your posture. To minimize your bust choose necklines that create space around your neck. For example, try square, deep round and deep cowl necklines


The 'bridge' balcony bra that meets all of the criteria outlined above is the perfect match with the following necklines:

  • Boat or bateau necklines
  • Cowl necklines
  • Wide boat necklines
  • Square necklines
  • Sweetheart necklines
  • Round or scoop necklines
  • High round necklines
  • High roll necklines 
  • Button-down shirt necklines
  • Wide grecian necklines
  • Ballerina necklines

best matches

which goes with what...

Plunge Bra Necklines
Bridge Balcony Bra Necklines

If a comfy bra could make you look kilo's lighter, a decade younger, or more attractive and confident, would you go to the ends of the earth to buy one?



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