Custom Clothes for Women

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What are custom plus size clothes?

When it comes to custom plus size clothing LoveIt offers 2 options:

  1. 1
    Customized clothing
  2. 2
    Custom tailor made clothing

What's the difference between customized plus size clothing and custom tailor made plus size clothing?

Customized clothing for women gives the opportunity to shop our plus size ready-to-wear collections and have them 'made to measure' so they fit you like a glove!

When you order customized clothes from us, you get the exciting opportunity to create your own style story - you can choose the fabrics you love, the styles that flatter you and we'll make sure you get the perfect fit to look great and feel comfortable. 


Custom tailor made clothing is designed and made for you based on your measurements and creative desires. Both the pattern and the finished garment are 'bespoke'. IE: there is no pre-existing pattern and you are only limited by your imagination and budget.

the main benefits of customized plus size clothes

There are 4 main benefits customized plus size clothes give you over ready-to-wear clothes and custom made clothes:

  1. 1
    Try before you buy
  2. 2
    Torso length measurements and wiggle room
  3. 3
    More affordable than quality custom made clothes 

1. try before you buy

With over 200 styles to choose from, you can try samples at the LoveIt Fitting Room and explore fabrics, and best of all, you can enjoy the benefits of working with a personal stylist who will give you advice on which of our styles are best for your shape and size

2. torso length measurements & wiggle room

Custom Clothes for Women Critical Measurements

Most plus size women find ready-to-wear clothes make them look fat and feel frumpy because it's very difficult to buy off-rack clothes that fit their torso length perfectly...

When you buy LoveIt customized clothes you'll get the perfect torso length fit and any extra wiggle room you need too! 

3. more affordable than tailor made clothes

Customized clothes for women are more affordable than bespoke tailor made clothes because a pattern already exists. And because there's no need for mock-ups and fitting sessions, it's a much faster process too

examples of loveit customized clothes for women

when is custom tailor made clothes the best option?

Having tailor made plus size clothes is the best option when: 

  1. 1
    You want an original bespoke design made for you
  2. 2
    Your design requires non-stretch fabrics like silk, linen, tweeds
  3. 3
    Your design requires special trims like beading, chains, custom buttons  

examples of loveit custom tailor made clothes

LoveIt Tailor Made Clothes for Women Ideas
LoveIt Tailor Made is ideal for formal gowns and 'tailored' looks

what custom plus size styles can you make?

When you think of the advantages of custom clothes for women don't just limit your thinking to formal gowns and special occasions wear. When it comes to style choices you are only limited by your imagination...


With plus size fashion brands like us, you can enjoy a full range of custom made women's clothes including:

  • Dresses
  • Women's collared shirts
  • Pants/trousers
  • Tops and skirts
  • Cardigans and jackets
  • Maxi dresses
  • Occasion/formal dresses
  • Plus size outfits for work
  • Traditional Chinese Style dresses, trousers and jackets
  • Tailor made suits for women
  • Custom women's workout clothes

the benefits of custom plus size clothing

No matter which option you choose, there are significant benefits of customized or tailormade clothes over fast fashion pre-made clothes because they are made for you...

Ready-to-Wear Clothes

  • Buy and wear immediately
  • Can be returned or exchanged
  • < 10% chance of perfect torso fit
  • Can't change fabrics or trims
  • Forced to buy for widest parts of you
  • Post-purchase alterations are costly and never as good
  • You pay and organise alternations
  • Most aspects of fit can't be changed post-purchase

Customized Clothes

  • 100% perfect torso fit
  • Flexibility to change fabric/color 
  • Wiggle room where needed
  • Customize detail like sleeve length 
  • Try samples before you buy
  • No need for post-purchase alterations
  • Same price as Ready-to-Wear*
  • Can be returned or exchanged*
  • Easy to repeat order
  • 14-21 day wait

Tailormade Clothes

  • 100% perfect torso fit
  • Unlimited choice on fabric 
  • Unlimited choice on style
  • Original bespoke design
  • No need for post-purchase alterations
  • Can't be returned or exchanged
  • 14-21 day minimum wait
  • Generally more expensive than customized clothes

how to buy plus size clothing from us

If you live in or are visiting Hong Kong we recommend you visit the LoveIt Boutique & Fitting Room to discuss your requirements

If you're not sure which option is best for you or if you aren't sure which styles are best for you can take advantage of our private shopping sessions. This is a free service where you can work with a personal stylist who will help you make the best decisions. There are private shopping times available most days. 

If you don't live in Hong Kong we recommend you chat with us by phone or whatsapp first so we understand your requirements and can give you the best guidance 

Before: It had always been daunting for me to shop for clothing as I lacked the confidence to try new styles and colours.

After: It was my first styling session to learn about my body shape and colours for my complexion. Catherine has shown & styled me to discover what would work & I have had so much fun learning these skills. These new skills have enabled me to build up a classy & gorgeous wardrobe of dresses & separates for work and play.

Comments from friends & colleagues were so complimentary and have been stopped on the street to be asked about my gorgeous pieces. Very grateful to have discovered this little gem & highly recommend a visit.

Ling Suter 

LoveIt Styling Services Review

Before: I don’t want people to say “how sweet, he brought his wife”.  I want people to think - who is that woman?  I can feel her positive energy. I need to meet her.  

After: When people meet me now they see a butterfly. Confidence shining through. They will never know the journey of self-discovery that I have taken. That will be our secret.  Thank you LoveIt.  I not only “Love it”, I love Me!

Irene Levy

LoveIt Styling Services Review

Before meeting Catherine I used to shop thinking I had to cover my curves and the additional weight gain. I felt frumpy and uncomfortable with no style.

After: Catherine shares easy-to-apply style steps and has you feeling positive about your body shape in no time at all. With colour and style matching and tips and tricks, I watched, with my own eyes, my shape and size change by at least 2 sizes “optically” - I am the same curvy gal I was when I walked in but now I’m owning it and loving how I look. I really cannot remember the last time I felt this way. The best thing is that transformation can happen immediately with what you learn.

Shana Hurrell

LoveIt Styling Services Review