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Wrap dresses have been a timeless and versatile staple since the 1970s. They can be flattering, feminine and comfortable to wear — if you can find the right style and fit for your shape and torso length! 

Get the style or fit wrong and they can be an absolute fashion disaster too. If you've got a few lurking in the deep dark depths of your closet, don't blame your body, they're simply not the right wrap dress for you...

In this guide we explore what a wrap dress is, the differences between the various womens wrap dress styles and how to know which style will flatter your shape. We'll also give you the low-down on how to buy a wrap dress that fits you like a glove, the best fabric choices and where to buy one so you end up with a dress you'll love for years to come — great for your confidence, your bank balance and for the environment too...

There are many different styles of wrap dresses but they all share 3 common features which combined, is how the wrap dress got it's name...

LoveIt Stretch Jersey Wrap Dress


  1. 1
    Wrap dresses have a 'v' neckline
  2. 2
    The front of the dress crosses over and under both sides of your bust
  3. 3
    All wrap dresses have a double layer of fabric over your tummy

While they share 3 common attributes wrap dresses for women can vary widely in style and it's common for each version to have it's own special name. Below is a list of the 3 most popular wrap dress styles:

  1. 1
    Tie-around wrap dresses — also known as the 'true' or 'front' wrap dress
  2. 2
    Faux wrap dresses
  3. 3
    Maxi wrap dresses

The tie-around wrap dress, also known as a 'true' or 'front' wrap dress was made famous in the 1970s by DVF. It's distinctive because it features 'ties' that connect to both front panels of the dress at the waist. The inner tie feeds through a hole in the side of the dress and the two ties are then wrapped around the body at the waist and securely tied together, often in a 'bow' as you'll see in the image below...

LoveIt Tie-Around Wrap Dress WR-13-D-S-PJ
Tie-Around Wrap Dress Style:
  • V Neckline
  • Crosses over and under bust on both sides
  •  A-line or straight skirt
  • Fabrics: cotton, linen, silk, stretch jersey

The tie-around wrap dress is an easy style to wear but it can make a lot of women look fat, frumpy and unstylish. Whether this wrap style is flattering on you comes down to the position of your waist and the size of your bust:

  • Flattering if your natural waist (slimmest part of you) is closer to your belly button
  • Best on bust cup sizes < D
  • Ideal for pears, inverted triangle shapes and hourglass figures in smaller sizes
  • If you have a big tummy (apple shape) this style can make you look pregnant 

A faux wrap dress has a 'v' neckline, wraps over and under each side of your bust and has a double layer of fabric over your tummy. But unlike the tie-around style which completely opens at the front, the faux wrap dress is closed - the only way to get it on is over your head!

The distinguishing feature of the faux wrap dress is the 'side' ruche detail which makes it a favorite for women who prefer lightly contoured styles but need a little extra coverage over the tummy. They are also a great option for women with a natural waistline directly under the bust as you'll see in the image below. If you're a plus size apple shape, a faux wrap dress can be your best friend...

Faux wrap dresses are always designed using stretch fabrics so you can easily pull them over your curviest bits without herculean effort and stretch fabric is essential if you want to sit down! 

Navy Wrap Dress with Side Ruche | 3/4 Sleeves

Faux Wrap Dress Styles:

  • V Neckline
  • Cross over and under bust
  • Side ruching detail over the tummy
  •  A-line, straight skirt or contoured skirt
  • Fabrics: Stretch fabrics only
  • Bust size: all sizes - Peta-Rena is G Cup

While the tie-around style looks stunning on women with a waist that's closer to the belly button, faux wrap dresses look great no matter where your waist is...

The faux wrap dress is always fitted on top but skirt shapes can vary from skin-tight or lightly contoured to floaty a-line styles. If you want to look FAB, it's the shape of the skirt and the placement of the side ruching that you need to pay close attention to. More on this in a bit...

In short, faux wrap dresses are:

  • Flattering options for all shapes and sizes
  • Great for small and large busts
  • Ideal for plus sizes and maternity
  • Ideal for tummy conscious women 
A-Line Faux Wrap Dress

The A-line Faux Wrap Dress Style is flattering on:

  • Pear shapes - flat tummy/wide hips
  • Inverted triangles - broad shoulders/slim hips
  • Apple shapes - big bust/big tummy
  • Maternity - easy nursing style too
  • Fabrics: Stretch fabrics only

A contoured faux wrap dress, also known as a fitted wrap dress contours your body from bust to knee. Often referred to as sexy wrap dresses for women, a contoured faux wrap dress can make you look slimmer too. High-waisted, seamless knickers are essential if you want to rock this style!

The distinguishing feature of contoured faux wrap dresses is the 'side' ruche detail that together with the fitted skirt hides the tummy and balances curves...

There are contoured faux wrap dress styles for every body shape and sizeit's the sweep and the amount of side ruche gathering that determines which style is best for you. Check out the examples below...

LoveIt Valentino Red Contoured Wrap Dress WR-4-D FT682

Contoured Faux Wrap Dresses with straight-across side ruching are flattering on:

  • Hourglasses - even top to bottom curves
  • Apple shapes - big bust/big tummy
  • Maternity - easy nursing style too
  • Fabrics: Stretch fabrics only
LoveIt Contoured Faux Wrap Dress with Upward Side Ruche Wr-9-D-S-PJ

Contoured Faux Wrap Dresses with upward side ruching are flattering on:

  • Hourglasses - even top to bottom curves
  • Apple shapes - big bust/big tummy
  • Straight shapes - long torso
  • Maternity - easy nursing style too
  • Fabrics: Stretch fabrics only
Contoured wrap dress with upward side ruche detail

Contoured Faux Wrap Dresses with upward side ruching and straight skirt are flattering on:

  • Hourglasses - even top to bottom curves
  • Apple shapes - big bust/big tummy
  • Inverted triangles - broad shoulders/slim hips
  • Straight shapes - long torso/tummy conscious
  • Maternity - easy nursing style too
  • Fabrics: Stretch fabrics only

Maxi wrap dresses are popular long dresses that you can style down for relaxing holidays and style up for cocktail parties simply by changing your shoes! 

Tie-around maxi wrap dresses are available in cotton and linen (although these fabrics can be dowdy and easily crumple) as well as stretch jersey knit...

Faux maxi dress styles can be found in many stretch jersey fabrics with plush cotton jersey ideal for vacays, silky sheen or sequined metallic stretch jersey reigning supreme for date nights, weddings and cocktails, and matt stretch jersey for every occasion in between!

LoveIt Martini Wrap Dress Teal Soft Sheen Poly Jersey

Tie-around Maxi Wrap Dresses with a straight skirt are flattering on:

  • Hourglasses - even top to bottom curves
  • Straight shapes - long torso in all sizes
  • Fabrics: Stretch fabrics only
LoveIt A-line Faux Maxi Dress in Navy Metallic Stretch Jersey Knit WR-34-A-S-PJ

A-line Faux Wrap Dresses are flattering on:

  • Pear shapes - wide hips and butt
  • Hourglasses - even top to bottom curves
  • Apple shapes - big bust/big tummy
  • Straight shapes - long torso
  • Inverted triangles - broad shoulders/slim hips
  • Maternity - easy nursing style too
  • Fabrics: Stretch fabrics only

A jersey knit wrap dress is a common name for any wrap dress in stretch fabric. Jersey knit is ideal if you want a wrap dress that's so comfy you could sleep in it. Also known as stretch knit jersey it's the preferred option for many women especially women with curves!

The added bonus of jersey knit fabric is that it doesn't crumple. You can sit in a jersey knit wrap dress all day and then go out to dinner without feeling like a train wreak — just add lippy and you're good to go...

It's no secret that stretch jersey knit wrap dresses make travel easy too, especially if you want to travel light. That's because it's 'wash and wear'. With no ironing required you can take it out of your suitcase and wear it without a second thought!

LoveIt Red Wrap Dress WR-4-A-S-PJ FT682 Maternity C
Jersey knit wrap dresses are ideal for women with curves

plus size wrap dress is a wrap dress for women USA Size 14 or above. Many plus-size women prefer faux wrap dress styles to tie-around wrap dresses because most have a natural waist that is quite close to their bust and find that tie wrap styles accentuate the tummy...

jersey knit wrap dress can be especially flattering on plus curves as the stretch fabric works with the natural line of the body and it won't pull either, so it's super comfy to wear. Diagonal stretch jersey prints like the one shown below elongate the body making curvy girls look slimmer!

Plus-size women come in all shapes and sizes and will often find the most flattering wrap dress fit needs to be custom-made. Check out the 'fit' section below to find out why...

LoveIt Customized Plus Size Wrap Dresses
Jersey knit wrap dresses are ideal for Plus Size Women

Wrap dresses have become a closet staple because they are so versatile — there is a wrap dress style for just about everyone. They are ideal if you long for a lean uncluttered closet with dresses that can take you from the boardroom to a wedding or beach...

By now you'll have an idea of which style might be best for your shape but there is one other crucial detail that can often lead to 'woe' instead of 'wow' and that has to do with fit!

Let me show you what I mean...

Wrap Dress Torso Length Fit

100% Torso Length Fit is Essential if you want to rock a wrap dress...

Many women — short and tall — are short from the shoulder to the under-bust. If a wrap dress is too long from your shoulder you will show too much cleavage, your boobs will look saggy and your tummy will look bigger! 

There are 2 ways you can buy a wrap dress that fits your torso:

The 1st option is to buy a wrap dress that doesn't fit and have it taken up on the shoulder. However, this can be an expensive alteration especially if your dress has sleeves... 

The 2nd option is to have your wrap dresses custom-made to fit your torso length perfectly. When it comes to altering dresses with sleeves it's always best to custom order if you can because it's the only option that gives you a 100% guarantee!

Whether you alter a dress or have one custom-made you will have a short wait. So why not take advantage of having your dress custom-made so you can choose whatever fabrics you like and also add some extra wiggle too if you need it...

And if you are repeat ordering, you can easily order over the phone, just like men do!

Although wrap dresses are widely available many women can't take advantage of their versatility because they can't find off-rack wrap dresses that fit perfectly. If you own a wrap dress that you don't enjoy wearing it's either the wrong style, colour or fit...

If you want to buy a quality wrap dress in the perfect size and fit that gives you many years of enjoyment you are better off paying a little extra and having your dress custom made!

The advantage of buying your wrap dress from LoveIt is that we carry wrap dress styles for every shape and size. You can try them all at the LoveIt Boutique and Fitting Room where a personal stylist will help you decide which style is the most flattering on you!

You can also have fun exploring our wide range of fabrics and get help deciding which fabrics you want us to make your wrap dress in — if you decide to get yours custom made. From plush cotton jersey to fabulous stretch bling, you'll see how easy it is to find a style and fabric that works for every occasion

Why wait? Visit the LoveIt Boutique and Fitting room today...  

You can buy or order LoveIt wrap dresses online or you can shop in-store to take advantage of free style advice and explore all the beautiful fabrics

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