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Discover how easy it is to transform your life

LoveIt 'customize' fills the gap between ready-to-wear and tailor-made clothes. It's the ideal solution when you:

  • aren't a standard size or fit
  • can't find fabrics or styles you love
  • need a tweak to make it perfect 

Our Customize Service is easy & fun

We want to give all women - not just those who are a standard size - access to beautiful clothes that look fab, feel great and are easy to wear


Select one of our beautiful styles that is designed for your shape

  • Over 200 styles to choose from
  • Dresses, separates and staples
  • Explore online and in-store

Choose one of our gorgeous fabrics that is ideal for your lifestyle 

  • Wide selection of fabrics and prints
  • Super comfy and no ironing
  • Explore online and in-store

Order the tweaks you need to make it perfect for your shape and height

  • No extra cost - 100% guarantee
  • Expert help if you need it
  • Order online or in-store

Sharon Miller

LoveIt customize service is fantastic. I've been using it for a few years now and I almost never shop any other way. My arms are a bit big and I used to find things a bit tight across the shoulders and until I started using this service I hardly wore dresses because I could never find ones that looked good. Now it's a whole different world. I can have whatever I want and I just repeat order the styles I love and they know my measurements already - it's super easy. The quality is so good I am happily still wearing clothes I bought 5-6 years ago. Its a bit more expensive than high street but totally worth it. I never used to get many compliments, now I get them often and I love that feeling. I love the 'no ironing' too!

 #ThePerfectFit  #SelfConfidence

We'd rather show you - than tell you - about the benefits. Our customers are living proof that you don't need to be a standard size to look FAB

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What You Can Customize


Select fabrics that light your fire and make you feel good


Choose styles that make you feel confident


Get the sleeve length that makes you feel comfortable


You can tweak the fit for your torso and leg length


You can tweak the bust, waist and hip measurements


You can tweak the detail like button and trims

inside story

You'll be amazed by the difference a few style tweaks can make

If you're not a standard size mastering the art of style tweaks will completely change your game. You'll love tweaks so much you won't understand how you've lived without them for so long


What Styles & Fabrics Suit My Shape?

Explore the features, benefits and fit guide for each style online and enjoy browsing our Fabric Lookbooks for inspiration and ideas. Our expert fit and fabric advisors are available to help you by WhatsApp, Zoom, Email or Phone

If you live in/are visiting Hong Kong you can explore the latest styles and fabrics at the Fitting Room, where you can also enjoy hands-on help from our fit and fabric gurus.

How Do I Know What Tweaks I Need? 

Style tweaks are the small adjustments that make a garment fit you perfectly. Tweaks include adjustments for length, hip width, bust allowance, waist position etc. The tweaks you need will be influenced by your shape, torso and leg length as well as by personal preference. It's rare to need more than 3 tweaks and 3 tweaks are included in the price

Online shoppers will find the most popular style tweaks under each product. If you need extra help you can chat with our expert fit advisors via WhatsApp, Zoom, Email or phone to get the help you need. 

Customers living in Hong Kong can visit the LoveIt Fitting Room and enjoy hands-on help from our fit gurus.

How Long Does It Take?

Your order will be ready for shipping approximately 21 days from full payment being received. When you experience first hand the wonderful benefits of having the perfect fit you'll find it's definitely worth the short wait. Shipping time normally takes between 5-10 working days although COVID issues may make this longer in some cases. Each LoveIt garment is designed to give you years of enjoyment and confidence so it's definitely worth the short wait!

Price and Refund Policy

Our customize service gives you 3 style tweaks for the same price as our Ready-To-Wear Collections. 

Our core philosophy is making sure you look and feel fabulous wearing our garments so your purchases are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can return and swap or enjoy a full refund provided the garment is returned unworn and undamaged. Click here for our full Terms of Sale 

Is There A Physical Store? 

If you live in/are visiting Hong Kong you can explore fabrics and styles, and take advantage of expert fit advice at the Fitting Room

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