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Transformation Package 2 – Weight Loss Goal


Are you on a mission to lose weight? Our ‘Transformation Package 2 – Weight Loss Goal’ will help you build confidence in your appearance and stay focused on achieving your weight loss goals. It’s designed so you can reward yourself and the beginning, middle and end…

This package includes 2 x 3 hour fashion makeover mini courses we schedule at the beginning and end of your journey. The goal is to help you look good and feel confident at every stage. And there’s nothing like trying on clothes to keep you motivated during those times when the scales aren’t moving, because the clothes don’t lie!

But it doesn’t end there.  This package includes everything in Lookin’ Good Package 1, and Lookin’ Good Package 2  and you get to buy some new outfits when you reach your goal. And, if you reach your goal by the date you set, you’ll receive a HK $1000 LoveIt Bonus Voucher from us

You can buy this package online and book your styling session at the LoveIt Boutique and Fitting Room for a date and time that suits you. Styling sessions are available daily from Tuesday to Saturday. This package has an expiry date of 1 year from the date of purchase.

‘Transformation 1 – Weight Loss Goal  includes:

✓2 x 3 hour makeover course (value HK $4158)
✓Measurements and size goal setting
✓Monthly progress measurements
✓HK $7,200 LoveIt voucher that you spend on new clothes when you reach your goal
✓HK $1000 LoveIt voucher bonus if you reach your goal

You’ll pay HK 9,500 and receive HK $11,358 value + the bonus voucher if you reach your goal by the date you nominate

If you have any questions about this package you can call or whatsapp

You will receive a link to our styling booking system when you receive the confirmation for your payment.

You can also prepay and book this package if you visit us in-store.

Women who have purchased this package before wanted to know:

✓ what to wear to look younger
✓ what to wear when losing weight
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✓ what are the best clothes for women with big arms
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✓ what are the best styles for big thighs
✓ what are the best clothes for big tummy
✓ what are the best dresses for tummy fat
✓ how should a dress fit
✓ why do I look fat
✓ how to make my shoulders look slimmer
✓ what clothes will make me look slimmer
✓ why do I look old
✓ why do I look frumpy
✓ fashion tips for plus size women
✓ how to look effortlessly stylish
✓ how to dress and feel confident
✓ how to look confident in front of a camera

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Before: It had always been daunting for me to shop for clothing as I lacked the confidence to try new styles and colours.

After: It was my first styling session to learn about my body shape and colours for my complexion. Catherine has shown & styled me to discover what would work & I have had so much fun learning these skills. These new skills have enabled me to build up a classy & gorgeous wardrobe of dresses & separates for work and play.

Comments from friends & colleagues were so complimentary and have been stopped on the street to be asked about my gorgeous pieces. Very grateful to have discovered this little gem & highly recommend a visit.

Ling Suter 

LoveIt Styling Services Review

Before: I don’t want people to say “how sweet, he brought his wife”.  I want people to think - who is that woman?  I can feel her positive energy. I need to meet her.  

After: When people meet me now they see a butterfly. Confidence shining through. They will never know the journey of self-discovery that I have taken. That will be our secret.  Thank you LoveIt.  I not only “Love it”, I love Me!

Irene Levy

LoveIt Styling Services Review

Before meeting Catherine I used to shop thinking I had to cover my curves and the additional weight gain. I felt frumpy and uncomfortable with no style.

After: Catherine shares easy-to-apply style steps and has you feeling positive about your body shape in no time at all. With colour and style matching and tips and tricks, I watched, with my own eyes, my shape and size change by at least 2 sizes “optically” - I am the same curvy gal I was when I walked in but now I’m owning it and loving how I look. I really cannot remember the last time I felt this way. The best thing is that transformation can happen immediately with what you learn.

Shana Hurrell

LoveIt Styling Services Review