Loveit hong kong summer style 2024

LoveIt Tropical Prints Summer 2023

Are you ready to dive into a world of summer romance and tropical enchantment? Look no further! Our latest exclusive palm print collection is here to transport you to a sun-kissed paradise!

LoveIt Purple Tropical Palm Print

Picture yourself basking in the warm summer sun, surrounded by lush palm trees gently swaying in the breeze...

Our signature print captures the essence of this idyllic scene with its captivating blend of large and delicate palm leaves. The vibrant lilac background sets the stage for a truly mesmerizing display of summer magic...

The end result? A print that is both romantic and cooling, perfect for those warm summer days and balmy nights!


But here's the best part - our palm print collection is not just limited to one predefined style. With our made-to-order/ customize service, you have the power to unleash your imagination and turn this exquisite print into any number of gorgeous outfits. With over 200 styles to choose from, you can create your own style story! Picture yourself in a stunning wrap dress that accentuates your curves and captures your personal style, a flowy maxi dress that exudes effortless elegance, an easy shift dress, or a pair of shorts for beachside fun...

The possibilities are endless, and our dedicated styling team will work their magic to ensure your outfit is nothing short of perfection, tailored to your unique style and offering a flawless fit! 

Refreshing Green Elegance

Step into a lush tropical paradise with an enchanting green variation of our mesmerizing palm print! Let yourself be transported by its soothing hues and ethereal allure. This versatile print unlocks a world of possibilities, allowing you to create stunning outfits that capture the essence of summer. From elegant dresses to chic shorts and everything in between, this enchanting green print invites you to unleash your creativity and explore endless style options. Embrace the tropical vibes like never before and make a statement that turns heads wherever you go!


Immerse yourself in the serene allure of our "Serene Oceanic Charm" variation of the mesmerizing palm print. This captivating colorway captures the tranquil beauty of the sea, transporting you to a world of serenity and grace. The soothing shades of green evoke the gentle ebb and flow of ocean waves, while the intricate palm leaves add a touch of exotic allure. From easy, breezy shift dresses perfect for hot summer days to graceful maxi dresses that embody elegance, this print offers endless style possibilities. Embrace the essence of the ocean and let your wardrobe reflect the calm and beauty that surrounds you. Make a splash with your style and exude the serene charm of the sea!


For Returning Customers - Seamless Ordering Process

If you're an existing customer, ordering your favorite styles in our enchanting palm print is an absolute breeze. Just drop us a message on WhatsApp or shoot us an email, and let us know what you've got your heart set on. With your previous order information already on file, we can provide personalized guidance on selecting the perfect pieces that seamlessly blend with your existing wardrobe and can advise you on style and size too!

Looking for something new? Check out our new styles online and then let's discuss which option will make you shine!


For New Customers in Hong Kong - Say Goodbye to Fast Fashion Woes:

Are you tired of the fast fashion nightmare that leaves you feeling uninspired and disconnected from your unique style? We invite you to step into our fashion oasis, where creativity and collaboration reign supreme. Our boutique is not just a place to shop; it's a sanctuary where women of all sizes can escape fashion conformity and embark on a journey of self-expression. Whether you're petite, curvy, or plus size, we celebrate your individuality and offer a range of sizes to ensure the perfect fit. Feel free to bring along beloved pieces from your existing wardrobe, and together, we'll weave the mesmerizing palm print seamlessly into your personal style...

Our dedicated team of expert stylists is here to guide and empower you, ensuring that your fashion choices align with your individuality. In our welcoming and inclusive space, you'll experience the joy of discovering a wardrobe that reflects your authentic self, is comfortable to wear, and fits you like a glove!


For New International Customers - Easy order process:

Are you ready to embark on a style journey that transcends borders and unlocks your fashion potential? Look no further! Our international ordering process is designed to make your experience seamless and enjoyable. Begin by exploring our website, where you'll find a treasure trove of styles to ignite your inspiration. Browse through our collections, immerse yourself in the captivating palm print, and envision how it can enhance your wardrobe. You can order any style on our website in any color variation of our mesmerizing palm print, so let your imagination run free!

Love this gorgeous print but need some guidance on how to weave it into your closet? We've got you covered! We understand the importance of finding the perfect fit, and our expert stylists are here to guide you every step of the way. Connect with us on WhatsApp or via email, and our dedicated team will work their magic to advise you on the best styles that will beautifully incorporate this stunning palm print into your life. Share your measurements, style preferences, and any specific ideas you have in mind, and we'll provide personalized recommendations tailored just for you

Pick Your Perfect Print: 3 Mesmerizing Options!

As you gaze upon the vibrant hues of our palm print collection, envision the possibilities that await you. Will you choose the refreshing green elegance, the serene oceanic charm, or the captivating purple lilac tropical paradise? The decision is yours, and with our made-to-order customize service, you can indulge in all three if you desire...

Step into a world of endless style, where imagination knows no bounds. Embrace the tropical vibes, express your unique personality, and let our mesmerizing prints ignite your fashion journey. Get ready to turn heads, radiate confidence, and make a statement that is unmistakably you. The adventure begins now, and we can't wait to see which path you'll choose!

Before: It had always been daunting for me to shop for clothing as I lacked the confidence to try new styles and colours.

After: It was my first styling session to learn about my body shape and colours for my complexion. Catherine has shown & styled me to discover what would work & I have had so much fun learning these skills. These new skills have enabled me to build up a classy & gorgeous wardrobe of dresses & separates for work and play.

Comments from friends & colleagues were so complimentary and have been stopped on the street to be asked about my gorgeous pieces. Very grateful to have discovered this little gem & highly recommend a visit.

Ling Suter 

LoveIt Styling Services Review

Before: I don’t want people to say “how sweet, he brought his wife”.  I want people to think - who is that woman?  I can feel her positive energy. I need to meet her.  

After: When people meet me now they see a butterfly. Confidence shining through. They will never know the journey of self-discovery that I have taken. That will be our secret.  Thank you LoveIt.  I not only “Love it”, I love Me!

Irene Levy

LoveIt Styling Services Review

Before meeting Catherine I used to shop thinking I had to cover my curves and the additional weight gain. I felt frumpy and uncomfortable with no style.

After: Catherine shares easy-to-apply style steps and has you feeling positive about your body shape in no time at all. With colour and style matching and tips and tricks, I watched, with my own eyes, my shape and size change by at least 2 sizes “optically” - I am the same curvy gal I was when I walked in but now I’m owning it and loving how I look. I really cannot remember the last time I felt this way. The best thing is that transformation can happen immediately with what you learn.

Shana Hurrell

LoveIt Styling Services Review