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There are two days of the year in Hong Kong that I love the most: the first day of the year you can go sleeveless without looking like a tourist and the second - coming up soon in 2020 - is that FAB day when it's cool enough to wear long sleeves and your favourite pair of jeans without wilting

This month at LoveIt it's all about getting you ready for THAT day. From maxi skirts and off-shoulder tops to romantic midi-length ruffle dresses & slimline cardigans, my focus is bringing you beautiful style & unbeatable comfort that works no matter where you are

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Our customers don’t shop with us because we sell the latest fashion trends - we don’t! They shop with us because we show them how to look and feel beautiful no matter what their age, shape or size. We're all about the WHAT and the HOW

Most women over 30 have curves or sag in places they wish they didn't. We design and sell women's fashion that balances curves and counteracts or hides sag. Once you've experienced the difference you'll never go back

LoveIt styles are timeless classics with a modern twist that you can purchase off-rack and repeat or custom order in your favorite colors & prints





We believe a beautiful look starts with beautiful fabric



Beautiful 'wash & wear' fashion that you can buy immediately or customize



We believe every woman can look beautiful. At the Fitting Room we show you 'HOW'

FALL 2020

Fall in Hong Kong is all about layers. We've got you covered with comfy mix & match styles that will take you from curling up on the couch to the office or a romantic night out

LoveIt Maxi Skirt

Fall Skirts

Skirts that work: Brunch. School. Cafe. Office. Zoom. Wine O'Clock

LoveIt Purple Batwing Top

Fall Tops

Layering tops that slim the arms, hide the tummy and softly contour where needed

LoveIt Green Wrap Dress WR-4-D-S-CJ

Fall Dresses

Bold & classic. Soft & feminine. 9 to Dine. Date Nights. Dresses with Sleeves

Short - Midi - Maxi

LoveIt Navy and White Stripe Slimline Cardigan

Fall Cardigans

Slimline Cardigans for every occasion. Perfect for layering. Perfect cover for your tummy & butt

Cropped - Short - Long


It's time to take the stress out of getting dressed. You'll build confidence, save money & save the environment when you make better choices. What have you got to lose?

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At LoveIt we believe every woman can look beautiful no matter her age, shape or size. That's why we feature 'real women' & not professional models on our websites. Our models are all LoveIt customers. We want you to see how easy it is to look great just as you are. Right now. Today! 

Fall 2020

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There's nothing like the feeling of knowing you look great. Most women over 30 find that gets more challenging. That's why LoveIt offers so much more than just pretty clothes. We help you with the 'what'  & the 'how' so you don't end up with a bunch of stuff you never wear

LoveIt Wrap Dress
LoveIt Red Waterfall Jacket

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