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Summer in Hong Kong is black and white: you're either melting or freezing. This week we give you our list of MUST HAVE summer essentials that will help you navigate from the Artic to the Sahara 10 times a day without missing a beat. You'll also find out how to wear white, how to enjoy wearing dresses and skirts without enduring thigh chafe and last, but not least, you'll get a sneak peek at the latest new arrivals

LoveIt Summer White Story

how to wear white this summer

There are a thousand reasons why 'white' is a must-have color for summer 2020. At the top of the list is that it signifies purity - which, like wearing a mask, makes it a closet essential in our post COVID lives. But truth be told, white is not a color that most women over 30 find easy to wear. Here's some tips on how to make white work for YOU


LoveIt's T Back Button Down Midi Dress

There's a new button down in town

If the mere mention of a button-down makes you yawn you'd better strap yourself in and get ready to be catapulted into a new dimension. This deceptively simple style will leave you (and everyone else) breathless


Summer 2020

Thighs Touching

the chemical free cure for thigh chafe

If your thighs touch and you experience summer sticky thigh burn or chafe don't waste one more minute suffering in silence. PKKs are a fail proof solution that not only prevent thigh chafe but they stop that sticky humid feeling and help you eliminate fat rolls on your tummy, back, butt and thighs


summer 2020

Hong Kong summers can be brutal, but there's no need to stress. We've got you covered with easy 'wash & wear' classics that you'll find functional & fabulous

LoveIt Red Pencil Skirt SK-5-0-S-CJ

Summer Skirts

Skirts that work: Brunch. School. Cafe. Office. Zoom. Wine O'Clock

LoveIt Wrap Top WR-37

Slimming Tops

Tops that hide those extra Corona kilos. Wear with shorts, skirts & jeans

LoveIt's T Back Button Down Midi Dress

Classic Dresses

Bold & classic. Soft & feminine. 9 to Dine. Date Nights. Hot Summer Days

Short - Midi - Maxi

Passion Killer Knickers

Passion Killer Knickers (PKKs)

Don't let thigh chafe, tummy or butt fat ruin your summer. Rescue yourself with PKKs. Check out the difference PPKs make...


It's time to take the stress out of getting dressed. You'll build confidence, save money & save the environment when you make better choices. What have you got to lose?

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Our customers don’t shop with us because we sell the latest fashion trends - we don’t! They shop with us because we show them how to look and feel beautiful no matter what their age, shape or size. We're all about the WHAT and the HOW

Our specialty is timeless classic styles with a modern twist that you can purchase off-rack and repeat or custom order in your favorite colors & prints



beautiful fabrics

We believe a beautiful look starts with beautiful fabric



Beautiful 'wash & wear' fashion that you can buy immediately or customize



We believe every woman can look beautiful. At the Fitting Room we show you 'HOW'

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There's nothing like the feeling of knowing you look great. Most women over 30 find that gets more challenging. That's why LoveIt offers so much more than just pretty clothes. We help you with the 'what'  & the 'how' so you don't end up with a bunch of stuff you never wear

LoveIt Wrap Dress
LoveIt Red Waterfall Jacket