Colours to avoid over 40...

If you want to look like you've been drinking from the fountain of eternal youth you should avoid wearing autumnal colours over 40

I know, you rocked these colours when you were younger. So did I! At least I thought I did. But then, I thought I looked fabulous wearing those ridiculous shoulder pads in the 80s too. Some things are meant to stay buried in your youth and for the majority of us, autumnal colours are going to be in the top 10!

This guide will help you understand why you need to hit the delete key if you have these colours in your closet!

the problem

There are 3 parts to this problem:


Unless you have white skin (think Scottish) and red hair (aka, not out of a bottle) your skin tone will gradually become sallow (more yellow) as you get older. Aside from losing elasticity and developing wrinkles, it's the level of sallowness in your skin tone that makes you look older. As your skin goes sallow (even a little bit) you start to get that washed out, tired or flat look. That's aging!


The problem with wearing autumnal colours is they accentuate the sallowness (the yellow) in your skin tone. So you will look older, faster, if you wear them!

Choosing Colours that make you look younger


The other big problem is that autumnal colours can sneak their way into your closet without you even realising it. That's because most of us are suckers for a beautiful print and many prints contain at least one autumnal colour. The key offenders are off-white, beige, creams and khaki...

Avoid Wearing These Colours if you want to look younger

  I help 

what are autumnal colours?

Autumnal colours typically contain a high degree of yellow which is why they accentuate any sallowness in your skin. We call them passion killer colours because they lack life and energy and that's exactly how most women over 40 look when they wear them

If you want to look fresh and youthful, like you've just come back from a 6 week holiday - instead of needing one - these are the colours to avoid.  And it's not just your clothes you should check, it's your shoes and accessories too!

How to look younger

alternatives to autumnals

I took a stock image of a random woman wearing a beige suit and changed it's colour to illustrate how easy it is to give yourself a youthful 'makeover' just with colour alone. With her original beige colour suit she looks matronly, flat and almost a bit cranky. After changing the colour of her suit to colours that accentuate the colour of her eyes, she immediately looked younger, energised and more attractive

The easiest way to identify the colours that will make you look younger, energised and attractive, is to start with those that accentuate your eyes. You can call these your 'eye-popping' colours

the next step

We modified a process we teach our customers to make it easy for you identify your own 'eye-popping' colours at home. Our method has been used by thousands of women over the past 13 years so we know it works for everyone!


the benefits

Eye-popping colors make you look younger and full of life

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