multi-way dresses

Flexibility is the hallmark of life in the 'new normal' & there is nothing quite like a multi-way peplum dress to make sure you are perfectly prepped for every occasion

Imagine a dress that you can wear to the playground with your kids one day & out on a date night the next. It's a dress that matches the moment & your mood

LoveIt Jade Green Peplum Multiway Dress

available colors

Teal Plush Cotton Jersey


Calming | Renewal

Teal is a color that is instantly calming. Wear it when external stress requires inner calm. It's the perfect color for job interviews

Navy Plush Cotton Jersey


Confidence | Unity

A navy peplum multi-way is a closet essential that will take you from the office to a beach holiday. Every woman should own one! 

Black Plush Cotton Jersey


Strength | Importance

A black peplum multi-way dress will become a work to play staple. Pair with cheeky print shorts for play!

Raspberry Red Plush Cotton Jersey

raspberry REd

Health | Energy

Radiate positive energy & good health with a raspberry red dress. Raspberry is a soft feel good red that most women can wear

Jade Plush Cotton Jersey


Hope | Luck

A jade peplum dress (featured) is the perfect way to carry Lady Luck with you wherever you go. Pair with white trainers for a sporty look

Sky Blue Plush Cotton Jersey


Depth | Stability

Wear sky blue on days when you want to feel good about yourself and those around you. It's an instant pick-me-up!

Aqua Plush Cotton Jersey


Creativity | Inspiration

Working from home? Looking for inspiration & focus? An aqua peplum dress will lift your spirits and take your creativity to new heights

Pure White Plush Cotton Jersey


Purity | Safety

Nothing feels fresher than pure white. Looking for a spring cleanse after weeks of captivity? Make your peplum white & take on the world!

Purple Lilac Plush Cotton Jersey


Wealth | Luxury

A purple dress is one of life's little luxuries that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. It's the perfect color to draw prosperity into your life 

ONE dresS multi-ways

why You will love it


Slims the tummy hips & butt

There's nothing like this peplum to conceal your love handles. Back, front or side, this style gives you gorgeous shape


plush cotton jersey

Plush cotton jersey is soft, comfortable & breathable. Perfect for hot humid summers


fabulous on every woman

This peplum style flatters every shape and size, including plus-sizes. Also a great maternity dress option

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