November 27, 2021

Women In Business – Diana Wu David

Meet Diana Wu David...

From board directorships and keynote speaking engagements to hands-on busy mom of 3, successful entrepreneur/author and past Ted Talk presenter, Diana Wu David has a lot going on. An hour in her company takes you on an entertaining and insightful adventure from the trials and tribulations of her personal experience with crypto to the challenges, vagaries and opportunities of the metaverse

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She's the person you want to talk to if you're feeling uneasy about your future. Not because she has all the answers, but because she's built an arsenal of tools that have already helped peeps around the world get from one side of the murky career pond to the other - with dignity, resilience and grace. And of course, as an ex-senior exec who has already travelled that road, she has vast personal experience to draw on

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When it comes to clothes, Diana is a living testament of our philosophy that you don't need a lot of clothes, you just need the right ones. She doesn't follow trends, but she does want to look good & feel confident when she's on the clock.  Like most of us over 30, she doesn't have the perfect body, but she's mastered the art of colour and fit, so she looks and feels like she does. She has an unmistakeable aura of easy confidence that you can enjoy too, if you follow in her footsteps and Get-Fitted

Diana Wu David

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